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Friday, October 02, 2009

Bercakap Dengan Jin by Tamar Jalis... muahahahhaaaa...

Direct translation... 'Talking to Genie' (correct translation right?)

I finally found a Tamar Jalis's 'Bercakap dengan Jin' blog. Yeaaaayyyyyy... all this while, if I google this title, I couldn't get to a page that have complete stories for even one book. But in this blog, there are 75 stories. I can't wait to start reading!

If you never read any of 'Bercakap dengan Jin' books, then you should start because the stories are sooooooo good. It's true! If you're the type that get scared easily (like me...), don't worry, this is not the kind of story that will haunt you. I think...

I've read these books since I was young (still so young...) and I love it!

This is the cover of the book that I used to read. It was my uncle's :)

During lunch hour today, my gang and I talked about ghost's stories, tv series & movies. The good ones, the bad ones, the real ones... eeeeeee... 'Kekasihku Seru' is still on the top of my list and the blonde sea spirit still cracks me up... I can't think about it without laughing... hahahaaaaa..

We also wondered why is it that we crave scary stories? Although we feel 'tortured' reading, listening or watching these stories, we still keep on going.

My theory was, real life is dull and we need the thrills...

My friend brought up another interesting theory justified by her Japanese friends. She told us, while she was in Japan, she asked her Japanese friends why is it that there are a lot of scary & ghost movies shown during summer. The explanation was interesting... seriously. According to them, summer is hot, so that's why a lot of scary movies were made to give the audience the 'chill'.

Hihihiiii... just interesting.

Anyway, I'm going to start enjoying my time reading 'Bercakap dengan Jin' soon and I hope so will you :)

I've added his link under my 'Friends and Favourites...'

Have fun reading!


CheeJa@Nizah said...

hahaha i got that book too Nom.Apasal sama je minat ni??huhauauhauhau,don't you have any experienced during our U's time ke?I got!!!

The Sometimes Speechless said...

wahahahaaaa.. best nih ada geng. selagi tak habih baca 75 episod, selagi tu la tak senang duduk. hihihii.. sib baik keje siap. kat uni ada satu experience je yg ingat sgt2. tapi time form 1-3, banyakkkkk...