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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Braving Seoul - Wrap up

What I learned during my trip to Seoul?

A lot of things...

The most important thing that I learned was, people appreciate it when we showed appreciation for their culture and language. So, when travel to a country where English is not their first language, learn a few words in their languade. When conversing, use those words that you have learned. It might seems simple and easy, or sometimes inaccurately pronounced but I think it will still be appreciated. I got a very big smile from a taxi driver when I said 'Kamsahamnida' instead of 'Thank you'. He even warmed up to me :)

So, let's learn a few Korean phrases (that I used most during my visit there):
  • Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening --> Anyeonghaseyo?
  • Yes --> Ye/ Ne.
  • No --> Aniyo.
  • Thank you --> Kamsahamnida.
  • I am sorry --> Mianhamnida.

Walking around Seoul was safe. The people are nice to strangers :) But still, pick the right person when you want to ask something... and same advice again... for ladies travelling alone, please be very careful and prepared. Know where you want to go, how to get there... don't wander around.

Enjoy your travel and be safe ok!

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