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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Juicy Fruiter

Juicy Fruiter

I don't have much visitor to my blog. But one day a Juicy Fruiter came and even left a message. He found my blog inquisitive... I read that message with a smile. Thank you!

I visited his blog and found that he's really is a nature guy and really passionate in what he's doing. Why don't you guys take a peep at his blog. Perhaps you'll find something you love there.

To Juicy Fruiter, you really made me drool thinking about all the juicy fruits!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Hey… you know what?! People claim that they saw Bigfoot in one of the states in my country. Can you believe it? Bigfoot in my country? I found it hard to believe, but I have to admit that in a midst of rapid development, there is still a lot of unexplored area right here in Homeland. Or maybe… in the midst of this rapid development, some people has explored too far… what do you think?

Those people who had seen the Bigfoot claimed that it was five foot tall. Wowwww… that’s really tall and its footprint was 45cm long. Wowwwieeee… that’s really big. They said it has red eyes that made them shivers at only a glance. When they spent the night in the jungle, the Bigfoot came and shook the trees that they rested on.

I know I’m supposed to feel a little bit scary reading these kind of news, but somehow I feel pity for the Bigfoot. Am I being weird?

I don’t think so.

In my mind, I believe some people has crossed into “someone’s” land without permission and maybe even been disrespectful in that “land”. Now how would you feel if someone suddenly walked in your lawn and start plucking your beautiful roses?

If that was me, I would scare the intruder a little bit. I couldn’t beat them or scold them because that would be rude, wouldn’t it? But a little stare with red eyes and shook my favourite tree a little bit while the intruder was resting on it (not to mention that they were ruining the green and fresh leaves and leaving marks on the branches). Or maybe my eyes were red because I had been crying seeing violations on my beloved home?

I might be delusional right?

Scientist from Homeland and some from neighbouring country have planned to start an expedition to hunt Mr. Bigfoot. Great idea… but when they mentioned that this could be a new attraction and could bring more tourists to Homeland, I somehow feel “Please leave Mr. Bigfoot and his family alone!”. He has been spending and enjoying a peaceful life, until now. As far as I’m concern he never disturbed us human until human went in and disturbed him.

I’m becoming a little bit emotional now…

I know finding Bigfoot would be a scientific breakthrough. But I hope after it was found, please treat it with respect. It has been so nice to us human being that despite its big size, it gave way to our development and watched us grow. I believe we have taken much of it beloved land, but instead of crushing us to our bones, it shied away into the deep jungle.

So please, please be nice to it. I believe, like us, it also dreams of spending the rest of its lives peacefully with its family and beloved home.

I took the picture from this website (just in case you are interested) :

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Stepping Stone to Growth

Trouble is something no one can escape
Everyone has it in some form or shape
Sickness and sorrow come to us all
But through it we grow and learn to stand tall

For trouble is part and parcel of life
And no man can grow without struggle and strife
The more we endure with patience and grace
The stronger we grow and the more we can face!

This has been my inspirational poem since forever! It was on a greeting card I bought for myself during school time.

2006 will mark the 3rd decade I’ve been on earth. At this age (well, actually last year) I finally realized that growing up is a lifetime struggle. If you think you have seen it all, trust me, you haven’t. If you think you’ve gone through all the ups and downs of life, I’m sure you haven’t. There will always be bumps, distractions and frustrations along the journey. But success and happiness will be waiting at the end of it. Just take them all as challenges and you’ll get through all the tests that life has for you. Just remember that it’s never too late to do the right thing and you’re never too old to do anything as long as it means that you’re doing it to improve yourself.

So, be inspired and let’s have a successful year!