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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Election Fever

I having a bit confusion over this... I'm torn between 'should I or should I not write about the election?' But this election fever is starting to get on my nerve, I just have to get it out of my system. I hope I'm not messing with any of the 'isa' guys...*gulp*

Firstly, have you registered as a voter? If you haven't, please do. I know a lot of you haven't. I have and the election this year would be my second time to vote. I remember the first time I went out to vote... I was so excited and couldn't stop smiling all morning. I still don't know what was the big deal. Maybe because I felt like 'what I think matters'. So I marched confidently to the election center (which happened to be my primary school). I was so full of energy until I saw the voting paper. Then I got confused... it was a difficult decision.

For those who haven't registered or have decided not to go out to vote, please have no complain over what's going to happen in the next 5 years. I think it's safe to say you have no right because you don't even care.

Secondly, do you notice that all of the sudden there are so many poor people in Kelantan? Where are they all this while? Do you also notice there are a lot of 'Terengganu maju, impianku' on tv lately? Hmmmm... are those one of election strategies? So subtle...

Talking about election strategies, I remember what happened during the campaign period in my neighbourhood. All streets got new signs. I was so happy because the signs stood proudly there, looking pretty. Until now, they still do, but mostly only the poles... This round of election, I haven't seen any new improvement, except the street got a new layer of tar. But my mom told me that's a part of the improvement that has been going on for a while now. So I guess that doesn't count.

What do I like to see in this round of election? What do you like to see this round of election?

For me, I want to see eligible candidates for the nominations. The candidates who are known for their efforts. I wish for no cronism. I'd like to think all politicians in Malaysia and Pak Lah are smart people who knows that cronism is not the way for a country. This would be a challenge to all the competing parties, particularly to the 'to- be' ruling party.

Then, I would like to see no 'bad-words' or 'name-calling' during the election campaigns. Especially not from the green flag. You guys know better. I read in the newspaper, one 'orang-utan' already came out. I wish you would stop that! If you're good, prove it! Give us the confidence that we've been asking for. I believe the non-politician and ordinary Malaysians are clever enough to make a sound decision, based on facts and proofs. We don't need words and sweet promises.

I also wish for no mess after the election. Hey, you put up all those flags, posters, banners, fliers whatsoever, make sure you bring it down and put them properly in the trash. DO NOT MESS THE STREETS WITH THOSE AFTER CAMPAIGNS CRAPS!

Actually I wish to see a lot of dos and don't during this election and the campaigns. But let's not get our (my) hopes too high. At this moment, let's just hope my wish for 'no mess' is granted after this election.

We'll see...


Did my wishes came true? Hmmmm... as at 26-Feb-2008;

First wish --> poofssss... gone (after the candidates nomination list came out). Do they think that governing this country is a 'family business'?

Second wish --> after the 'orang utan', there's no more... so, I think, not bad.

Third wish --> outcome to be updated. But, there are dark blue flags hanging on the trees outside my house... without asking for opinion/ permission whatsoever (our tree... not the city hall's tree...) never mind, as long as they'll clean it up afterwards.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It's now already mid of February and I haven't post anything. As an aspiring writer I should be doing what I should be doing... WRITE! I'm so out of idea this month.

So I forced and forced my brain to think! But, still nothing... so most of the times I went to sleep... heheheee...

It's not easy practising to become a good writer. I feel like everything that I want to write must have its own moment. When I find the right topic, at the right time, combined with the correct mood, then I can write something really good. If it's not an award winning piece, it should be at least be a readable piece. I wonder if a lot of avid reader come to visit my blog. I also wonder whether among the small headcount of readers that visited my blog found what I've written were good enough.

Except for one person... thank you Cik Ja :)

It's not that there's nothing to write about. There are a lot! I can write about the coming election and the campaigns. I can write about travelling. I can write about how 'well-mannered' some people are. I can write about the books I read. I can even write about motivations (which I need).

The problem is I'm not in 'the correct mood'.

So, for now I think I should just be satisfied with this entry. Please don't take this as whining... this is only a part of what I meant with 'saying the unsaid'...

Take care y'all!