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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A trip to Dreamland

Sort of...

Ever since she was a little girl, she has always dreamed about spending her time in this one particular land. Of all the countries in this world, she dreamed about the country which one long time in history, the people has invaded her Homeland and took its riches. She knows her beloved nation’s histories. But still, a little girl’s Dreamland doesn’t easily fade away. After 17 years, a trip to Dreamland was still in the top of her wish list.

Then, the opportunity came. She became excited. But silently hide her excitement. She covered it up, occupying her time with all the preparations. She still doesn’t have a suitable suitcase, a decent coat for the cold weather, does her shoes going to keep her warm enough? Or should she buy a better pair?

Wasn’t she nervous? Maybe she was. She should have been. But, I guess having the opportunity in such a short notice, nervousness never crossed her mind. By the way, she finally got to visit her Dreamland for two weeks!

The day came, and just like a blink of the eyes, she was on her twelve hours journey to Dreamland.

Travelling alone was never a good idea.

It was all so weird. When she arrived there, she neither felt nervous nor excited. It was just a normal feeling. She passed immigration. The officer was friendly. Then, struggling to lift her heavy suitcase off the conveyor belt, she couldn’t help thinking that all the stories about gentlemen of Dreamland are believably tales. Thank God the ladies are so helpful. She passed customs and quickly pushed her trolley towards the exit.

She couldn’t wait to see the Dreamland’s sky!

Oh, the sky so grey.

A warm welcome by an elderly gentleman from the taxi company put some colours to her first impressions. She happily discussed about Homeland with the gentleman who was so very fond of his 2 years stay there.

There was a mixed up in accommodation. But, she didn’t complain. Perhaps, the cool weather helped to keep her calm. She settled her luggage in the apartment and went to a nearby grocery shop to buy some food for the next couple of days.

Then, she called her beloved mother who was nearly asleep. Ooppsss… it’s almost midnight back home. After providing some update to her family, she bid goodnight, and settled for some tv.

Hmmm… how much she missed tv stations at home.

The weekdays at Dreamland were ok. But, there was nothing to look forward to. Luckily, there were some friends from Homeland that kept her happy and smiling. The people of Dreamland were ok. They were nice people even though there was some kind of barrier between her and the ‘Dreamlanders’. Well, she’s only there for 2 weeks. It’s not easy to make friends in such a short period. But, as long as she remembers, only three person stroke a friendly, non work related conversation with her. The friendly analyst, the cheerful receptionist and the warm security personnel.

The weekends were wonderful. She spent the first weekend with one of her best friends. It’s been such a long time since she last saw her. They went sightseeing the whole weekend. Went to the famous river, the big spinning ring, see the old man who is widely known of being very particular about time, beautiful gardens and important buildings. The flowers there are so wonderful even though it was almost at the end of their blooms. They filled her heart.

Dreamland’s building architectures were amazing. Old and different. Well, they have been there for hundred of years, I guess. There was no sky scrapper in Dreamland which impressed her. The transportations amazed her too. Homeland is still far beyond Dreamland when it comes to transportations.

The second weekend was occupied with shopping. That’s what girls are good at.

When the time to go home came, she unexpectedly felt relieved and looking forward to it. Although there was a small part of her that wished to stay in Dreamland longer, but the urges to go home was stronger. She was looking forward to the thirteen hours flight to Homeland. And fortunately, she had some friends coming home with her this time.

It has been almost two months since her trip to Dreamland. And right now, she still wonders what is it about Dreamland that makes her dreamt about it ever since she was a little girl. When she thought about it, the things about Dreamland that she missed were the cool comfortable weather, the nicely built apartment and the fact that there was no insect in the kitchen. No ants, no cockroaches, no lizards. Her foods were safe outside the refrigerator. And she misses all the beautiful flowers. That’s all. Other than that, nothing compares to Homeland. She could still bear with Homeland’s transportations.

One trip there was enough. She’s definitely not looking forward to a second one. There will never be a better place than home.

But, no complain. She has already got to fulfil one of her top wishes.