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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mawi juara Akademi Fantasia.

That’s the news that made to the front page of today’s newspapers in Malaysia, Sunday 7th August 2005. Well, the third season of Akademi Fantasia had ended. But, the fever will continue next year. I don’t have Astro at home. So, I never caught the fever. And I don’t intend to. The fever is quite bad. The young and old caught it. If someone is suffering from it, you can forget to arrange an appointment with the person on Saturday nights. No teh tarik or roti canai can drag them away from Akademi Fantasia. Not even a box office movie at the cinema.

This year, the fever has gone confusingly crazy. Mawi, the flame boy of AF3. He’s all over newspapers, entertainment magazines, coffee shops, schools, offices. He’s everywhere. He’s not only liked by girls, but also women and men. I have a guy friend who has Mawi’s photo on his computer monitor. Mawi is a phenomenon! He hasn’t won the AF3 title yet, but he’s already pressured by gossips and critics. I’m not sure what it is about this guy. I’ve only seen his performance twice. First when he sang ‘Gadis Melayu’, second time, I cannot remember what song. His voice is good, but both songs didn’t suit him. I fall asleep out of boredom the second time I heard him sang.

But this guy is magic. What kind of magic, I don’t know. He captured everybody’s heart. Perhaps he has got an amazing pesona, an attractive charisma and full of positive auras. If I had really followed all the Akademi Fantasia’s 3 episodes, maybe I’ll understand.

Now he’s the champion of AF3. So, do you think his phenomenon will end?