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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." ~Edmund Burke~

'It's not what the world holds for you, but what you bring to it' ~Anne of Green Gables~

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Through the eyes of a child...

everything is beautiful... even the smallest, the simplest thing...

and looking at the eyes of a child, you can't avoid to feel that everything is nothing but beautiful...

doesn't this smile just melts your heart? so sweet...

that's the magic of a child... something so pure, so innocent, so sincere... lovable...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fiqah Berinteraksi Dengan Non-Muslim

A Muslim guide to interaction with non- muslim...

A very good & a very useful book. I've seen this book a few times on the book rack at the book stall. Each time I said I'll buy this book and never did buy it. Until recently when I have a doubt on whether I can or cannot carry pork last month, I straightaway bought this book without stalling. I needed help and I can tell you that this book is a great help.

I just finished reading this book and I can tell you that it answers a lot of questions on how we Muslims can mingle freely with our non-muslims friends, colleagues, neighbours etc without scratching our faith, our beliefs and obedience to Allah. This book is especially helpful when you have really good non- muslim friends. There are times in our friendship that we have doubts on whether we can or cannot do a certain thing. Take my dilemma for example...

However I feel like this book doesn't really go into depth on explaining certain areas. So, you still need to get help from the expert... just make sure you go to the right expert ok... Do not go to the liberal ones *wink*

This book answered/ discussed some questions with regards of the followings:

1.   Swine/ Pork
2.   Dog
3.   Halal meat/ food
4.   Alcohol
5.   Funeral
6.   Marriage
7.   Neighbour
8.   Greetings
9.   Medical/ Health treatment
10. Celebration
11. Business
12. Aurat
13. Converts

and a lot more...

I'm really grateful that Mohd Nidzam Abd. Kadir wrote this book and Telaga Biru for publishing it. In a world where interactions between muslims and non-muslims cannot be avoided on a daily basis, especially in our beloved country where we strive to live as harmonius and peaceful as possible, this is the kind of book that we, muslims can rely on as a basic guidance.

When boredom strikes...

If you think that boredom can only strike when you have nothing to do, well I can tell you that is not true. You cannot convince me otherwise because I am the living proof! Muahahahhaaaa...

I have a lot of things to do. A lot! But unfortunately, when my brain tuned to the 'i'm so bored' channel, I do everything other than the things that I'm suppose to do.

OMG! It's a dangerous sickness this boredom... and I hope I will be cured by tomorrow morning :)

So what did I do during my boredom?

I redesigned my blog... I tried a few cute free templates on the internet... I changed this, I changed that, I changed this again,  then I changed that again... in the end, the only thing I changed was the picture on top... but still, I hope you like it even though I think it's not really suitable. The picture was shot by me & I call it 'Misty'...

I'm still a little bored while writing this and I think you can sense it...

So, I better stop now...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Memorable Ulsan & Busan

Anyeong hai seyo!

I was only in Ulsan for 4 days... and a few hours in Busan... but, I can honestly tell you that it was a memorable experience.

I went to Ulsan for work of course, for Ulsan is an industrial city, not so much of a tourist spot. When I was in Seoul, I was not very impressed with the city because I think it is almost the same with KL (I believe a lot of people disagree... but hey, this is my personal opinion. I'm entitled to it *wink*)

But when I get to Ulsan and went around the city... I was so impressed. The petrochemical complex in Ulsan is huge! Nothing compared to the one we have in Malaysia.

I was especially impressed with Hae-un dae shipyard. OMG! Truly impressive.
Picture from the internet

My trip to Busan was really a short one but enough to make my mouth opened- wide at the sight of Busan from the Rainbow bridge. I was in a moving car and the night was dark... so I didn't take any picture. But the sight was like the picture below.

Rainbow Bridge is the one on the far top left.
Picture from the internet

So, what made my trip to Ulsan and Busan so memorable?

It was the PEOPLE there... I met so many nice people in Ulsan and two very nice ladies in Busan. Those in Ulsan are my Korean colleagues and the two in Busan are the friends of Mr. Heo who cooked very delicious Korean Curry *nyum nyum*... massissayo!

My colleagues in Ulsan are mostly guys... engineers, technicians and chemists. Somehow I'm in charge of a system modules where the users most of the times are guys :) There are pros & cons... but so far, I've seen more pros than cons. Fortunately for me, they are nice guys. So, when I was in Ulsan, there were definitely more pros... lucky me!

Mr. Park & Mr. Lee took me to a Korean Seafood Restaurant (a pork free restaurant in case you wonder). So I got to taste a few of traditional Korean foods, including the famous Kimchi... My favourite was Al-bab rice... so yummy! Cho aiyo!

Thank you Mr. Park & Mr. Lee!

Al-bab rice... like the one I enjoyed... minus the egg yolk...
Picture from the internet

If I didn't meet all the nice people in Ulsan & Busan, I'm pretty sure my trip would have been a plain one. So, I'm really really grateful that our paths crossed even for just a few days... or a few hours. Because of the pleasant encounters, I wouldn't mind going to Ulsan again :)

So, please remember to be nice to everyone we meet because we never know what kind of impact we might have on them...

I always smile whenever I remembered my business trip there... so nice...

Not to forget, my big thank you to Mr. Heo for driving me around... showing me the place... he even braved the extremely, icier than ice, cold winter night at the beach just because that one crazy lady insisted to visit that place... heheheeee... You must be very proud of your country... and the drive to/from Busan was so much fun! :)

You'll make a good tour guide Mr. Heo... *wink wink*

Please enjoy some photos of Ulsan and some misc photos that I took during my trip...

Petrochemical complex in Ulsan

Winter Nights & Days...