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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunan Musafir... An Ending or A Beginning?

Warning: For those who haven't read this book, this entry contains spoilers. Read at your own risk :P

Whose face is that? Arghhh... it's messing with my imagination!

Ok... I bought this book on Saturday's evening. I finished reading it in one night :P

I loved it! Mostly because it has a happy ending. Laksamana Sunan & Sang Ratu finally got their happily ever after! *Skipping, skipping*

And to think that Saifuddin is still so cool, tough & macho even though he has aged made me love him even more.

What I love about this final book?
  • It prologs with a romantic scene. I click 'Like' like a hundred times :P
  • I love that it provides all the answers & conclusions. I don't think there is a story that has been left hanging. Is there? I don't think so.
  • I'm so happy for Saifuddin & Ratna. After all the challenges, they finally got together. And to think that both of them joined forces to kick the demons' a**... wow! They are made for each other. Can't find a better match for Laksamana Sunan. Ratna is such a good wife. She's always wise, supportive & strong. No wonder Saifuddin would do anything for her.
  • Happy for Luna & Yedee, but sad for Indera. Such love... so touching.

What I don't love about this final book?
  • My eyes almost popped out when I read Haryani's name towards the ending. Why bring her back into the story??? Arrrgghhh... She is the only character in Laksamana Sunan's series that I don't like. Unlike unlike unlike! If I'm a writer of a drama series, Haryani would be the character I would kill off at the end of season 1... or if I'm nice, maybe on first episode of season 2. 

Above all, I love the writing style. All the flashbacks & flash forwards spun my brain high & low. Trying to remember all the characters & connect all the stories, was what made reading this novel fun. It's like solving a jigsaw puzzle. You get a piece & put it in a place here & there. Bit by bit until you get the complete picture. It's satisfying :)

However, I felt quite tired towards the end. Too many stories to digest. Too cramped. All the stories of current, past & futures compiled together... it's tight.

I'm actually quite sad to know that this is Laksamana Sunan's last book. I wish to have more adventures with him. Indirectly, Sunan did influence his readers' lives, in so many little ways. That's why we'll miss him dearly.

I'm sure going to miss my Abang Sunan... huhuhuuuu... but he gets to rest now. Happy for him :)

'Sunan Musafir' might be the end of Laksamana Sunan's stories, but I got a feeling that it is a beginning of another.

Can't wait for a new adventure by Ramlee Awang Murshid :)

Have to start to see with 'mata hati' for a better profiling & speak with 'suara naluri' for a better communication. Ahaks!

Under Sunan's 'spells' again & this is going to last for a while now :P

Nite nite y'all! ASFC signing out!