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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Enlighten me...

... on the Malaysians politics... so let's discuss politics a lil bit...

As of August 2008, I officially despise the politics in Malaysia. I hope this feeling will be lighter as the situation improve. But as of today, I think the situation will get worse. I'm now once again back under my 'tempurung'. It's bad, but necessary... to save myself from ridiculous dissappointments.

Anyway, the latest development in Malaysia's politics was a sworn statement from Saiful Bahari, last weekend. He reinforced his allegation that he had been sodomised by DSAI a few times. He swore with Al-Quran as the witness, and also in front of reporters and national televisions. For us who didn't watch this 'historical' episode, I think we can imagine that it's something like the court scenes that we watch on tv. 'You swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?'... something like that I guess. But we can always go to youtube to watch the whole thing. I'm sure someone would have uploaded it by now.

From the beginning, I refused to believe DSAI is 'that kind' of person. It can't be. His family and him potray a potrait of a muslim family. So, when 'these' allegations came out, it's very difficult to believe. It can't be. Impossible. Even though lately, I heard that the allegations are all based on the truth, it's still hard for me to get myself to believe in it even just a little bit. But if Saiful Bahari was brave enough to swear by Al- Quran, then I start thinking that anything is possible and maybe DSAI is 'that kind' of person. Otherwise, SB is really 'something'.

So, the questions that I want to post today are based on the assumptions that DSAI is 'that kind' of person. (I hope I'm not messing with any rules or regulations... so much for freedom of speech... control is necessary, but take it easy guys...)

Ok... I bet the question marks that I have in my head are the same as what a lot of Malaysian are wondering right now. Remember, this is under the assumption that DSAI is guilty as accused.

* Why these accusation only surfaced after DSAI expressed his intention to become a PM?

* If DSAI is really guilty, why was he let out of prison only to be charged with the same allegation again?

* Why SB only proceed with swearing with in front of Al-Quran when the Permatang Pauh election is coming around the corner?

* Why SB only reported that he was sodomised after the incident happened a few times? (I'm really confuse when it comes to this question. SB looks like a sound adult man and looks like he has full support from his family. He has no reason to be scared at all especially if he was raped. He definitely has no reason to doubt whether he has to report this crime in the first place. I mean, come on! This is your self pride that we're talking about!)

* Why the people that know the truth didn't act fast enough to correct this misbehavior and clear the clouds in citizens' minds.

I have a lot more questions, but I've forgotten them. I guess they've been covered by too much disappointment.

The question that I have under the assumption that DSAI is not guilty is... why hasn't he swear by the Al-Quran? I'm not really sure on Islamic rules about swearing by Al-Quran, but... if you're innocent, then there's nothing to be afraid of. Remember when we were children and everytime when people didn't believe that we're telling the truth we'll say 'Sumpah! Demi Allah!'. I guess it can still apply in this situation. (Please correct me... I don't wanna mess with my faith)

We always say that only Allah knows the whole truth. But there are also ways that we can all know the whole truth for sure. I think it can all start with our leaders. I wonder when they're going to take the 'morally right' and 'non-political' action.

Your citizens are counting on you.

Take good care y'all. Pray hard.

* Clouded mind signing out...

Monday, August 18, 2008

If I were a writer...

I'll be a very poor writer... with frequent mental blocks, there's no way I can make a living being a writer. Ideas and words stuck here and there... sentence hanging in the air.