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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Danger of Bisphenol A

I was on MC yesterday, so I had the opportunity to watch a documentary on RTM1... which was about plastic. Just thought of sharing this info, so that we can start looking for a safer option.

One of plastic compound, Bisphenol A (BPA in short) is actually capable of altering body hormones. Since BPA is used in plastics... therefore you can find it in the most common thing that we used everyday... such as water bottles & baby bottles...

FYI, BPA is released even though the bottle is only filled up with cold water and in room temperature... if heat was added to it, more BPA will be released.

A little extract from wikipedia on BPA effect on our health:
Bisphenol A has low acute toxicity, with an oral LD50 of 3250 mg/kg in rats, but it is an endocrine disruptor. Low doses of bisphenol A can mimic the body's own hormones, possibly causing negative health effects. There is thus concern that long term low dose exposure to bisphenol A may induce chronic toxicity in humans.

To read more:

Hopefully this information is useful...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Innocent Messages?

I received this photo in an email forwarded by a friend. This is the most 'innocent yet disturbing' photo I've ever seen.

Pretty sure that the little girls should not be held responsible... at least not totally, since they still can be considered 'white cloth'... still can be shaped and guided.

Photo above shows that, they are not getting the right guidance. They've been led astray.

Humanity is a value for all humans... independent of age, race, religion, education, wealth...

What is this world turning into? Since when do we start to send 'innocent' messages on a deadly weapon?

World peace start with each and everyone of us... right here, right now.

We can all try to make a difference, in our own little way...

May peace be with all of us...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Speechless on Yoga

This was written like almost to months ago. When this issue was out hot from the oven...


I received a forwarded email from a friend today... An email thats sounds so stupid which only proven that the writer, 'Bukhari Hood', wrote without knowledge and too arrogant to get accurate information.

I'm getting emotional here..

Well, his ridiculous mind started off with the banned of yoga for Muslims. I never have any real interest or attachment to Yoga, therefore I don't feel any loss. But, I've cope with the loss of a dearest friend, so I think Yoga is only a small tiny thing. A speck... By the way, there are other exercises that we can follow and be obsessed with, which are not haram.

I found Bukhari Hood's article so ridiculous that I don't find it fit anywhere in my blog. It'll only be a waste of space. But, for the sake of providing proofs that I'm writing base on a real thing, please go the followings links to read his article...

About the banned of Yoga, you might find it interesting to know that not only Islam in Malaysia banned it. Please read more about the banned of Yoga in a religion other than Islam.

Other “Fatwas”
By AisehMan!

I found these articles interesting:
· Catholic Education Resource Center:
Why is Yoga incompatible with Catholicism?
· Times Online:
Vicars ban “un-Christian” yoga for toddlers
· Christianity Today:
The Truth About Yoga
· BBC News:
Vatican sounds New Age alert
Much of the arguments against yoga related above sound a lot like the National Fatwa Council’s arguments.
As far as the various mainstream Christian denominations are concerned, yoga is a lot more than just for health.

-Thanks Abg Ez for this info-


What I'm confuse about is... non-muslims were more chaotic about this, like it was meant for them...

To all muslims, myself included, please be careful. If we realize that our Islamic knowledge is shallow, perhaps we should check in details with people who's expert on the subject. Commenting too much without knowing the fact, we might end up with messing up with our faith... which we shouldn't.

So, let's start our new year with a fresh, clear thinking mind :)

Salam Ma'al Hijrah to all muslims...

Happy New 2009 to all...

May these new years bring us more luck and blessings... and may human beings stay on being human... and may humanity not forgotten...

World Peace!

-Hugs & Kisses-