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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fiqah Berinteraksi Dengan Non-Muslim

A Muslim guide to interaction with non- muslim...

A very good & a very useful book. I've seen this book a few times on the book rack at the book stall. Each time I said I'll buy this book and never did buy it. Until recently when I have a doubt on whether I can or cannot carry pork last month, I straightaway bought this book without stalling. I needed help and I can tell you that this book is a great help.

I just finished reading this book and I can tell you that it answers a lot of questions on how we Muslims can mingle freely with our non-muslims friends, colleagues, neighbours etc without scratching our faith, our beliefs and obedience to Allah. This book is especially helpful when you have really good non- muslim friends. There are times in our friendship that we have doubts on whether we can or cannot do a certain thing. Take my dilemma for example...

However I feel like this book doesn't really go into depth on explaining certain areas. So, you still need to get help from the expert... just make sure you go to the right expert ok... Do not go to the liberal ones *wink*

This book answered/ discussed some questions with regards of the followings:

1.   Swine/ Pork
2.   Dog
3.   Halal meat/ food
4.   Alcohol
5.   Funeral
6.   Marriage
7.   Neighbour
8.   Greetings
9.   Medical/ Health treatment
10. Celebration
11. Business
12. Aurat
13. Converts

and a lot more...

I'm really grateful that Mohd Nidzam Abd. Kadir wrote this book and Telaga Biru for publishing it. In a world where interactions between muslims and non-muslims cannot be avoided on a daily basis, especially in our beloved country where we strive to live as harmonius and peaceful as possible, this is the kind of book that we, muslims can rely on as a basic guidance.

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