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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." ~Edmund Burke~

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Random kindness... again...

Work & leisure intermitten... hihihiii... I should be at CheeJa's open house but I'm in the office instead... *sigh* We got to do what we got to do right?

CheeJa, jangan serik jemput saya lagi yeeee... terima kasih *kiss*

Today I'm gonna write about 'one little act of kindness' again... because lucky me, I got to experience it for the second time yesterday.

My sister & I, we did the craziest thing yesterday. We walked for I don't know how far just to watch the airshow by US Navy at Royal Airforce airbase Subang yesterday. The traffic jam was badddddddd... really bad. We figured that if we walked, it will be faster.

So we did.

From the roundabout before Subang Airport up to the start of the runway at Kampung Melayu Subang. How far is that?

Very far right? We can't believe we are that fit! (although my body is aching today...)

Luckily, yesterday's morning was cloudy... with a few drizzles that we braved through.

But, we managed to see the sukhoi jet... My cousin told us that actually we can go into the airbase to get upclose and personal with the jets. But because we didn't get our facts and information right, we didn't know where exactly we should go to. My fault for not finding enough information... My sister and I were really, really frustrated. But still, yesterday was a great experience. A few people cheered at us for walking that far. Hehehehee... thanks you guys!

And then, after the airshow, we planned to take a bus back to Subang airport... we tried to hail a taxi, but no taxi wanted to take us (what is up with taxis around Subang area?). Our options were, take a bus or walk back... slowly.

So, we started walking towards a bus stop, with a 100 plus isotonic drink in hand.

That's when a car stopped by and offered us a ride.

There were two guys and a teenage boy inside the car. They said they were going towards Subang airport and they can drop us there. We refused at first, mainly because they were strangers. You don't know what kind of psychos roam our land nowadays right?

Actually, we already chatted with those guys during the airshow. They asked what time the show was going to finish and were we from the press? Which we answered 'not sure, maybe 2pm' and 'no'... and few more lines. So, basically they were not totally strangers since we already had a first impression of them. After weighing the pros & cons, we accepted.

Stupid decision? Captain Bala (a safety activist) will knock me silly if he knew I did this.

But, I really went with my gut when deciding that.

Plus, I was starting to feel tired and the afternoon sun started to shine fiercely.

I would say we were really lucky and my gut was right yesterday. Those three people in that car were not psychotic... not even 'menggatal' for a little bit. We really were lucky. They were good and funny people and nice to have conversations with. I even got a few aviation information about the sukhoi jet and on aviation photography. The guy who was driving was really a cool & calm & informative driver. They even dropped us right behind my parked car. That was very kind of them. We were very touched.

We didn't exchange any personal information. That what makes it sincere, isn't it?

All this while, I've started believing that it is hard to find kind and sincere people. People who help other people without expecting any return. But after what happened yesterday, it warms my heart to know that all hope is not lost.

Perhaps, 'kind and sincere people' are on the brink of extinction... but they still exist to spread the goodness around.

You know, during judgement day, we will be questioned about what we did with our lives, properties and belongings. Well, those three good men could say that they helped two tired and very grateful ladies with their car.

That one random act of kindness goes a long way.

To those three good men yesterday, I pray that Allah will return back the favour to you. That one favour might seem small to you guys, but very big to us. Just keep on being kind ok!

To ladies out there, what I did yesterday was not a good example. We need to be very careful and must be able to evaluate the situation and make a smart decision. I was lucky to come across good people. I am very grateful for that and I'm very grateful that Allah kept us safe yesterday. But, in everyday life we must act accordingly. If you think something is not right, then it probably is.

To all of us (especially myself), don't stop being kind. Sometimes it might not mean anything, sometimes we will be misunderstood and sometimes we will not be appreciated. But in the end, it is all between us and God.

May God give us a big heart and the strength to be the person that we're suppose to be.

Have a great life y'all!

The 'frustrated and then grateful' signing out.


CheeJa@Nizah said...

Alah Nom..No big deal dear, heps it's not open house lar,not yet!small reunion je! time jgn lupa MINTAK NO TELEPON!! haahah..lucky met a good ppl this time,next time..SAYS NO!

The Sometimes Speechless said...

kalau mintak no tepon, mcm dah lain niat la plak... kikikiiii... tu la, ni first & last, insyaAllah. tp kat u dulu ada jugak 3-4 kali buat perangai lebey kurang camni... eeikkssss...