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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Indahnya Hidup Bersyariat by Ustaz Dato' Ismail Kamus

This is one book that I'm definitely going to get. Basically because lately it's been hard for me to recall most of the Islamic lessons that my ustaz and ustazah had taught me since primary school. If they knew this, they'll be very dissappointed.

This book, by Ustaz Dato' Ismail Kamus is a comprehensive guide to Fardhu A'in and Fardhu Kifayah. Whatever it is that we as muslims must know, you can find it in this book...

What to do on childbirth, how to perform solat, how to perform solat when travelling, how to perform solat when we're sick, what is the correct way to do business, what are the fundamentals of marriage, how to handle death and funerals.

This book also provide all the 'adab's and 'doa's that we can practise in our daily lives.

What I mentioned above is only some of the book's contents that I can remember. Actually there are a lot more...

The price of this book is only RM 55.00 in Peninsular and RM57.00 for Sabah/Sarawak. But, that RM55.00/57.00 is more than worth it. The information contained in this book worth so much more than that, plus this book is printed on a high quality paper with colored and clear pictures of human models demonstrating the actions described.

If you're looking for a perfect book or a perfect gift, this book would be it.

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