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Sunday, October 04, 2009

US Navy airshow @ TUDM Subang Airbase

Ok... these are some pictures of the jets that inspired my very long walks yesterday. Due to too much excitement, I only snapped one picture of this jet and it turned out to be really really bad. So I have to borrow this picture from the internet.

Sukhoi Jet (photo by shinobikit) @

This jet was really impressive. While it was in the sky, looked like it stopped and hovered there. WOW!!!! This is one jet that you don't want to mess with. But, is there a jet that we want to mess with? Heheheheee... The best thing about this jet was... the pilot waved back when we waved at him... yeayyyy!!!

And then, there were these jets. They said it was F-16. Woooooo... the airshow was impressive. The pilots were skillful. They flew low, they went very high, they did acrobatic moves. The scary part is, you can't hear them when they are approaching. Eeeeee...

Here are some pictures that I managed to snap.
Looked like I can handle my camera as fast as the jets... hihihiiiii...

Another fan of the airshow :)

These airoplanes were not in the airshow... they were landing at Subang Airport.
The jets have to give way to them first.

Can't wait for another airshow. I'll definitely make sure I get to take photos with the jets and its pilots next time!

I'll be back!


CheeJa@Nizah said...

hahah comei lar cicak tu!! hahahaah.. so cute..

The Sometimes Speechless said...

hehehheeee... tak takut orang plak tu. selamba je dia posing... orang yg takut dgn dia. hihihiii...