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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Seoul - Day 1

You remember my plans, what I want to do when I arrived in Korea? Do you remember 'sleeping' in that plan? No? Neither am I. But, that's what I did... adoiiii...

I planned to walk around Seoul this lovely autumn, but I was too sleepy. I couldn't sleep when I was on the flight. Then, I have to wait for almost 2 hours to get an early check- in. Struggled to keep my eyes open while waiting at the lobby. When I got into my room, I set the alarm at 2.00pm, and woke-up at 5.00pm. By then, I'm too lazy to go out... Great! *sigh*

I still have 3 nights and 2.5 days to explore Seoul. I hope I won't have to work until late hours for the 3 days...

My flight from KLIA to Seoul was ok... actually, sleeping on the flight was uncomfortable. I used to be able to sleep anywhere when I'm sleepy, but that's not true anymore. I take this as a sign of aging... heheheeee... Flight took off at around 12.00am, I tried to get some sleep at around 1.00am, only able to fall asleep at about 1 hour later, keep on waking up until 4.00am. Then I started to sleep a bit more soundly, but at around 5.00am, it's time for breakfast already since it's 6.00am Korea time and we'll be landing at about 1 hour. The in-flight lights were turned on so brightly that I have to wake-up.

Having to wake up when I was still sleepy was not a regret. The morning scenery... view of sunrise from the sky was just marvellous! The colours, the serenity... Oh my gosh! I love it! I couldn't stop smiling.

But, smart me... I didn't take the picture of the wonderful sunrise.... therefore, I have to borrow pictures from the internet again... The sunrise looked like the picture below, but with a bit more vivid bluish, orangey and yellowey colours.

And then, when the flight decreased altitude for landing, we went through a thick clouds formation. It's so thick.... I feel like if I jumped on it, I'll bounce... so nice! It actually look like a white cotton candy. So soft & yummy!

When we arrived at the platform, there were medical officers at the gate because of H1N1. Immediately after the gate exit was the immigration counter. The baggage claim area was a floor below. I didn't have to wait long for my bag, which was great :)

The driver from hotel transfer service was already waiting with a placard with my name on it. He was a very nice and friendly guy. He speaks English fluently. Along the way, he showed me and tell me a few interesting attractions in Seoul. I found out that the biggest river in South Korea, is in Seoul. The Han River.

The concierge at Sofitel Hotel was also so sweet! So does the room service guy who helped me with my internet access problem. They are so helpful and concern... (plus, those small squinted eyes... I likeeeee... )

Inside my room... the last picture is what impressed me the most... hihihiii...
Overall, I have a very good first impression of Seoul. The city and the people...

I haven't walk around Seoul yet. So, for starters, please enjoy these pictures of Seoul that I took from my hotel room window :)

p/s: the internet connection is superfast tonite...

Can't wait to explore Seoul!


CheeJa@Nizah said...

dah balik ke blom ni Nom? hehehe.. lupa plak ko nak g Seoul kan..

The Sometimes Speechless said...

still kat seoul... 3 hari lagi balik tanah melayu :)

CheeJa@Nizah said...

hahahah.. update lar gambar dlm FB..!!