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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Man vs Alien... which is better looking?

I'm in an 'out of this world imagination' mode :)

I just watched 'Star Trek' the movie for the 5th time since I bought the DVD. I watched the movie first at the cinema, but somehow still couldn't get enough of it. It's so good and somehow believable :) The universe, the spaceship, the warp theory (I likeeee...), time travel, the technologies, the charismatic leaders, the fun characters, the special effects, the acting, the directing, the ADVENTURES... woooooo!

While I was watching the movie over and over again, I started thinking 'Wow, this Spock guy is quite good looking, even with pointy ears and a weird face'. Of course Captain George Kirk is still the handsomest (is there such a word?), but for an alien, Spock is quite a catch. No?

Then my thoughts drifted to a question. Why is it that aliens always weird looking?

Sorry, correction... Why is it that aliens invented by human are always naturally weird looking? Are we that vain? Aliens can be good looking too right?

But then again, I'm writing from a human perspective. Those aliens might think that we are the weird looking ones.

I remember one night during university time, I had a conversation with a friend, Mc Ha about the tv series, 'Battlestar Gallactica'. While looking up to the stars we wondered 'What are aliens really like?'. Are they really fierce, ferociuos, always looking to attack us and UGLY? We both agreed to disagree to those questions.

For all we know, they could be just like us... and perhaps that night, they were also looking up to their skies and wondering what those two aliens on planet earth were doing? hihihiiii...

That was a fun imagination.

Anyway... before this wishful thinking saying nite nite, I would like to see an alien movie
which aliens are as oppose to THESE...

(not that 'Yoda' is not cute...)

will look more like THESEEEEE...
wooooo... show me the way to planet gorgeous... hihihihiii...

GOOD LUCK! (Vulcan style :P)


JayEd said...

If an alien would look like Johnny or Wentworth..gosh!! Our interpretation on what aliens look like I think are merely based on the effort trying to make them less similar to human..since human are already weird, so by nature we have to make aliens weirder. hahah..

CheeJa@Nizah said...

hahaahhahahah!!! I want one alien then!!!

The Sometimes Speechless said...

kalau alien segojes keanu reeves, i rela kena abducted you... hihihiiii...

The Sometimes Speechless said...

sukanya tengok star trekkkkk... best giler!