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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Speechless on Dress Code

Last month, I read in a newspaper that a Muslim French woman was banned from using a swimming pool in France because she was wearing a 'burqini', an 'aurat' compliant swimming suit.

They said, it was unhygienic and will endanger other swimmers, which I don't understand. If I wore a clean swimming attire into a swimming pool, how can that be unhygienic? It'll be unhygienic if I wore a dirty swimming attire into a swimming pool, be it a burqini or a bikini. Isn't it?

If you asked me, a bikini can be more dangerous to the other swimmers, don't you think?

Those people are confused or maybe afraid to open up their minds or just afraid to the idea of Islam.

I wonder why...

Today, I read again in newspaper that a women in Sudan is being imprisoned because she's wearing trousers which according to the law was 'improper'. From the picture, I can see there's nothing improper about what she wore. Loose long trousers, loose blouse... but the half-covered hair was off... amazing how they don't mind the half-covered hair. Sometimes, people just missed the obvious.

With regards to the trousers affair, from my opinion, nowadays, it's safer to wear trousers and it's more convenient too. We can walk faster, we can run faster (just in case). We can do activities like go into a crowded train without getting worried that our cloth is going to be stuck in between the train doors (happened to me once... I can't move until the door opens at the next station, 6 stations to be exact. Luckily I was cool :P) Personally, I prefer to wear trousers and jeans because I feel more safe.

If they said that wearing trousers is 'improper', I bet they'll faint or go into a coma if they came to Malaysia.

Over here, we have muslim ladies covered from head to ankles with a proper headscarves, tight long sleeves t-shirts which length is somehow below the waist and tight slim-cut jeans. Which means, not really covering... *sigh* Things get worse when they sit or bent down, if you know what I mean...

Who am I to talk? Even though I don't do what I wrote above, I'm not 100% obedient either... but still, I think I have the right to remind my fellow muslimah.

What is it that I really want to say here?

I guess what I want to say is that there is nothing wrong with Islamic dress codes. The rules are there to keep us safe, inside out... not to make our life difficult. We (and I mean EVERYONE) especially muslims are not suppose to make simple things complex. Islam can tolerate changes, as long as the changes are not against shariah. However, as muslims, we must not abuse the tolerance. When muslims fashion evolves positively, then I don't think that muslims cannot evolve with it.

Again, I'm writing with my own mind and my Islamic knowledge is shallow. Please, correct me when I'm wrong.

References: (if you're interested to know more)

Wishing for senses for some people.

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