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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A trip cancelled... *sigh*

We firmly made our decision today, Anastasia & I. This is the second time that we cancelled our plan to visit Jogja. First time, last year… because of the passing of a dear friend (whom I still miss so much). This year, would be the second time. Even though we really, really, really would like to see the ancient and famous Borobudur and Prambanan, looks like our visit there is just not meant to be.

Our plan to visit Jogja has been such a challenge since the beginning, as if hinting that we are really not suppose to be there. Starting from the flight ticket booking last year, to applying leave, to the passing of a dear friend, to ground tour booking… almost everything went wrong. But we ignored all the hints and excitedly plan for the second attempt. We face challenges this round as well. Only that this final challenge really dampened our travelling spirit. Apart from worry for our safety, we are mostly disappointed by the current event.

Would you feel hurt when your flag was torn and burned and your countrymen threatened?

For me, it cut deep and it’s a total disappointment.

I don’t understand why they hate my country and us so much…

Because of an island?

What about when we rushed there to help when there was hit by a tsunami?

Because of a terrorist that we are also against?

What about all the kind donations that we made every time there was hit by earthquakes?

Because of their maids were abused by our employer? (stupid employers by the way… a disgrace to my country)

What about when their maids abuse our employers…

What about the snatches, robberies, rapes, murders… crimes committed by them and all the troubles that they have caused us? (to be clear, not by all of them)

Because of an erroneous advertisement which has been clarified not done by us? What if this error was accidentally included in a series of for example, ‘Enigmatic Europe’? Would they react the same?

Because of a misunderstanding caused by a 3rd party with no bad intention (?) we’re having this dispute?

I thought we are all from the same root, aren’t we? Aren’t most of us from the same religion which ‘Peace’ embedded in its meaning? Are we such a rich country that we can afford this fight in the middle of economic downturn? Do we have so much free time to spend on this quarrel instead of focusing on our developments? Do we really have that much pride, that it clouds our judgments? Do we really think that we can survive without each other?

Their patriotics vow to defend their country.
The truth is, we’re not a lesser patriotics as well.

But, fighting is never an option. We have fought for this freedom and peace for so long. We mean to keep it. We don’t want to lose face to our older generations who had suffered and sacrificed so much to make us a free citizen and a developing nation. By the way, we still have our own 'fights' that we must resolve internally *sigh*

When these kind of things happened, you’ll get flashbacks of all the unfortunate encounters and experiences. I personally have really bad experiences with some of them (bugger! sabarrrr... bulan Ramadhan ni) But, I also have fortunate encounters that I cannot disregard. A good friend that I had who have helped me get through heavy-hearted times. All the late uncles and aunties who settled near my house when they first came here in the early 80s, who were good neighbours. Their children and I used to play together. I have memorable childhood moments with them. Although some of them were not good, but I'm not going to talk about it.

I think a Malay proverb that is most suitable for this current situation would be 'seekor kerbau membawa lumpur habis semuanya terpalit’ . I know that not all of them agree with what is going on there, so let's not be prejudice. Let us pray together that the dark clouds will clear up soon. All these disputes are doing no good for both of us. We have better things to do… a country to develop, a life to improve.

I pray that the blessings of Ramadhan will penetrate into all our hearts. May the approaching Aidilfitri brings the true meaning of ‘Peace’ to all of us.

But still, the sunrise at Borobudur will have to wait…
Until when? Let fate decides...

p/s: To Malaysian leaders, please do something soon. We can't keep on accepting our good name being tarnished every now and then.


CheeJa@Nizah said...

And most important Nom,they fight for a stupid and moron thing..Lagu??!!Adui...don't worry Nom,u'll get chances to go there. Hoping on next year, no more hatred!!!Me want to go Bandung!!

JayEd said...

it has been such a challenge planning for the trip..luckily this time only the air tickets were purchased. seems that the hope that peace will reign is slowly diminishing. men just can't seem to live together. and we always seem to be fighting for the wrong reasons.