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Friday, May 01, 2009

Thoughts on Labor Day

Hi... I'm working today. Not really working... just sitting in the office, waiting if any issue comes up :) A lot of free time today... a lot of thoughts...

Anyway... I have one thought that has been lingering on my mind. Actually not originally my thought. It was voiced out by my Opah's sister (which makes her my Opah as well).

You know what Opah is, don't you? It means grandmother. It's a Perak slang.

Anyway... what my Opah worrily said was --> 'Nowadays, everyone wants to be a singer'

At the time, I didn't really understand her worry or concern. I was like, 'Oh, a'ah kan?'

But, almost a year has passed since that night. Now I'm finally starting to understand. Watching tv with its reality shows... One in a Million, My Starz LG, Mentor, Bintang RTM, Akademi Fantasia, Gangstarz... etc (I'm sure I missed a few others)...

Now I know what my Opah meant. Too many people wants to be in entertainment and too many people willing to provide the opportunities because too many people love it and too much money will come out of it.

Isn't this worrying? Hmmmm... my Opah was right to start being worried... to her, it's too much 'dunia'.

I'm pretty sure stopping all this or slowing it down would be a very difficult task. Reason is, when there is demand, someone will take the opportunity to provide supply. And the truth is, I also enjoy a bit of entertainment... *sigh* quite a dilemma :)

Perhaps, what we can do is... I don't know... maybe come out with a reality show with more intellect in it. See how much response we can get from Malaysians. This way, we will be able to see that Malaysian's are not all about entertainment.

How about a reality show like... Malaysia's Next Neuro Surgeon.

Will this show become the next hit?

I know it will.

Happy Labor Day everyone. Enjoy your freetime as I'm enjoying mine :)

Take care!

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