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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Heartiest Congratulations TOMOK!!!

Oopppsssiieeee... I just have to comment on 'One in A Million 3'. Basically because I owe Tomok an apology.

Sorry dik... all this while I've been calling you 'Tompok'... I did that only because I cannot tahan with New Boyz jiwang songs and your crazy teenager fans.

But, honestly I'm impressed with 'Tomok' now. He gave great performances during OIAM. When Paul Moss & Shafinaz voted him as the top 3, I have no objection at all. None.

I knew about the OIAM 3 result only this morning because I didn't watch OIAM last night. I searched for the video in youtube. Congrats dik... I got goosebumps listening to your performance.

Actually, the other two... Esther & Aweera are also very good performers.
No doubt. (so is Amelia... too bad she's not in the final..) But maybe Tomok won because everybody saw how he changed and improved himself. How he managed to slipped away from the image that we've always known. It's quite impressive. Plus... he already have existing fans... and a lot of new ones :)

So, I wish Tomok all the best in his career. I hope Tomok will maintain his OIAM identity instead of the New Boyz's. He looks like an international artist during OIAM.

Adik Tomok, keep up the good work, try to find good songs that you can sing and express from the heart... it's better if you can compose the songs yourself. Don't lose yourself & the good image. I'm pretty sure you can win international listeners and fans... (fuh, I'm quite confident aren't I? ahak ahak...)

So... enjoy the no longer 'Tompok'... TOMOK!!!!

Tomok - Rindu Terhenti @ OIAM 3 Grand Final

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