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Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Question on Theory of Human Evolution

I received an email from my friend on Darwin's theory of human evolution. The email is quite funny. It started with a picture of a monkey and ended with picture of Andy Lau sitting nicely on a leather chair. If you look at the illustration, you can see the resemblance...

People are getting too creative these days... Keep it cool Andy :)

Anyway... I never bought the human evolution theory. There are a lot of questions... I found the theory unacceptable. But most importantly, I just cannot accept that human species originated from monkeys.

A question that keeps on lingering on my mind... If human species actually evolved from monkeys... then what the 'tuttttt' are the monkeys still doing here on earth?

Should we start observing the monkeys and see whether they'll evolve into human in the future?

p/s: I have another question on Neil Armstrong 'moonwalking'. But it's actually the same questions that people have been wondering about all over the world.


Anonymous said...

You're ignorent of the theory.First of all we didn't evolve from monkeys,we evolved from a common ancestor.we branched away from our common ancestor and evolved over succesive generations,so there is no reason why monkeys should'nt still exist today.Actually read Origin of Species with an open mind,The questions you asked are answered in that book.

The Sometimes Speechless said...

I thought no one would ever pay attention to my blabbering. But I should have known better. Writing on the net, there are so many possibilities… and one of it is people actually read what I write about.

Last February, a teacher of mine reminded us, his students about the importance of having the knowledge of what we talked about, what we write about, what we have opinions about. As if he knew someone anonymous will post a comment like this on one of my blog entries.

So, dear anonymous… you are right. I am ignorant of the theory. I’ve never really read or studied the theory of evolution. The nearest of me trying to understand this theory was watching that movie ‘Creation’ starring Paul Bettany…

I shouldn’t have commented too much on a topic that I have very little information about… thank you for your little 'smack on my head' :)