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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Au Revoir Paris!

Seriously, 4 days in Paris was not enough. Anastasia & I kept smacking our own heads for the '4 days Paris adventure' decision. There are so many more things to explores, places to see, beauty to experience. But, too bad...

I think we're actually meant to go back there :P

We'll be back... ngeeee....

Anyway, overall experience in Paris... what I love about Paris:
  • Loved meeting my old friends. Great guys!
  • Loved The Eiffel Tower
  • Loved The Louvre Museum
  • Loved the yummeh nutella crepe
  • Loved the marvelous time we spent at The Grevin Wax Museum. 
  • Loved the River Cruise.

Turkish food we enjoyed at a halal Turkish restaurant near metro station Riquet.
I sure enjoyed the lamb :)

The challenges for me in Paris:
  • It's a city. So, it's crowded. People everywhere. Plus it's shopping for Christmas time. I'm a 'kampung' girl. I'll be happier in a place like Guilin :)
  • The metro. 
    • The confusing exits, inter-connections & ticket machines for first timers, the crowd (again), the narrow walkway.  If you complain much about the LRT system that we have in KL, then don't. The LRT that we have here is in much better condition. I feel like I was in a hole in the metro system. Their trains are older. But the trains are in good condition & clean. Some of the trains, you have to open the doors manually. Some are automatic So, if you ever ride a Paris's metro, be sure to look for a knob or button to open the door. 
    • The best thing is, Paris metro system is well connected to all destinations. Once you exit, 'oh there's the Louvre', 'oh, there's the Arc de Triomphe', 'oh there's the Grevin'. Heheheee... convenient. When you take the RER, the train to the suburbs (you will take this because RER A goes to Disneyland... we didn't go there), you'll get a chance to ride on a double- decker train. Interesting :) 
    • By the way, do you know how complicated and deep is Paris's metro system? I read about the metro system on early 2011 in a NatGeo magazine. The metro system goes deep & knowing about it made me a little bit claustrophobic :)  
    • Errr... another thing, the metro is not for disabled friendly. All stairs, no escalators. Good for us the young & not so healthy but lazy to go exercise. Ngeee... 
    • During our trips in the metro, there are people singing, playing music, recite poem & verses from the Bible (I guessed, from the bit of words that I understand). They entertain for a little donation.
I did have difficulties with Paris metro didn't I? Hmmm...

The Ocean's 11 gang @ The Grevin Wax Museum

What else I haven't talked about?
The Champ Elysees... a stretch of road full of boutiques, malls & restaurant along the way. You'll find LV, GUCCI etc here. During Christmas, there stalls selling a lot of stuff there. I loved the stalls. They made effort to decorate their stalls. Nice :)

Christmas decoration along Champ Elysees 

Where did we stay?
We booked a BnB because it's cheaper. Our BnB was near the Riquet station. It was on the 25 floor overlooking The Eiffel Tower & The Sacre Coeur. Can you imagine the view? It was just lovely. Our host was a lovely, friendly, helpful, resourceful & chatty lady who served beautiful breakfast and made delicious strawberry & peach jam. The room & the house was small but comfortable. We enjoyed our stay there :)

Breakfast prepared by Luce Namer, our host. Burppp... There's actually a baguette as well. I missed it from the lens there...

I guess that's all about my trip to Paris. In four words to summarize the experience...

I will be back!


p/s: Sorry it took me such a long time to complete this last entry of my Paris adventure.

 The Paris Nord station where we took our Thalys train to Amsterdam. 
Story & photos coming soon :)

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