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Saturday, January 07, 2012


With the famous 'I Amsterdam' landmark :)

I love Amsterdam. Not for the wrong reasons... no no noooo... Surprisingly, it's a cool place to visit. I enjoyed my time here...

Probably because it was less crowded and I got to spend half a day with nature *skipping*

2 days were not enough! Not enough! *sigh*

Amsterdam has trams... so convenient. I love trams... Amsterdam has trams,  Melbourne has trams... Why KL doesn't have trams?

We took a Thalys train (First class!) from Paris Nord to Amsterdam Centraal. The ride was smooth, the 3.5 hours journey was comfortable. The trip from Paris to Amsterdam took us across Belgium. If you take this kind of trip you can immediately know that we were not in France anymore because the architecture is different. So much difference for neighbouring countries :)

Foods served on Thalys's first class :)

When we arrived at Amsterdam Centraal, the Dr.; Ph.D was already waiting for us. 7 years didn't make a difference at all. It felt as if we were still in university time, when were still young adults. Still so young now :P

Amsterdam Centraal

First thing first when we arrived in Amsterdam, dinner! Our stomachs were already drumming and I kept on thinking of 'nasi briyani'. Hahahahaaa... So, the Dr.; Ph.D brought us to an Indian restaurant where the chicken briyani & mango lassi were so yummy! Over the roof yummy! I want!

After dinner, we went to the famous 'red light district' where I was fully prepared to experience a culture shock! But eh, not too shocking... Unfortunately, I have seen it all on tv. I'm not going to tell you about this district, you can Google it. Mr. Goog has everything *wink*

I didn't take a picture of the district... I was busy experiencing the area... kikikiii... Anyway, I borrow a photo from Mr. Wiki, just for you guys :)

Photo from:

The next day, we're off for a fun day. The Dr. didn't come with us. He has to prepare for his thesis defense. So, it were Anastasia & I again... having fun in the winter!

Amsterdam city

Amsterdam river cruise... niceeeee... loving it...don't miss it!

Then we're off to 'Zaanse Schans' to go and see windmills! OMG, I loved this village. I wish I have a getaway cottage there... the place was beautiful, the air was cold & fresh, the wind was strong... it was just beautiful.

So cold!

Hmmm... I love it!

I wish to have a cottage here...

Tasted them all... all good!


Imagine living here... so beautiful...

Then we went to see a traditional Holland's clog making. The lady who gives the explanation to us was funny... we truly enjoyed her presentation... hihihiiii...

To the left, to the left...


Clog making village... beautiful too...

The funny lady :)


Last destination was Volendam, a local fisherman village... it was already dark & bitingly cold... brrrr... I loved it!

Once we got back to the city, it's off to dinner time. Ribs... I love ribs... *drool*
No picture... sorry! :) Was busy enjoying the food... no time for picture :P

The next day, which was our last day, we're off to buying souvenirs... before that we stopped to pose with 'I Amsterdam' :) It's near the Van Gogh Museum. That time, there are people constructing an ice skating ring there... *sigh* we came to Amsterdam to early in December. Otherwise, we'll get a chance to show off our skating skill :P Yeah right! Hahahaaa...

I love winter morning... so peaceful...

After we were done with our souvenir shopping, we hurried to Vrije University to support The Dr. during his thesis defense. So much support from us :P We arrived 45 minutes late! But his other friends were there & looked like he was so cool & so sure with his answers... so, no worries.

He was smiling so big later when posing with his Ph.D. Congratulations!

That's the end of our short trip to Amsterdam. Too short. I loved the country. Must go back again.

Some pictures of Amsterdam cuteness!

I want one!

Heheheee... drink & cycle... efficient :)


Dayah said...


Have been to Amsterdam once.
Love the country and people.
Scenary tok sah cakap mmg cantik!
I aso wanna go again, insyaAllah.

The Sometimes Speechless said...

kan dayah kannnn... cantik sangat scenery kat negara tu! me must go again! Spend more time there!

Aida Salleh said...

bestnya anomm....sangat jeles lagi ni tau....huhuuuuu...drink n cycle tu aida pernah nampak kat frankfurt...terasa cam jakun bila tengok...hehehehee...

The Sometimes Speechless said...

Aida harusssss pergi! Sila plan secepat mungkin :)