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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Muslim Women & Hijab... A mighty challenge..

Lately, I saw a lot of comments in Facebook on the hijab of muslimat (muslim women). I agree with all the comments because they are all about the truth. But, I also acknowledge the challenges that we face, as muslim women in complying with the actual definition of hijab.

* Most of the captions in the images are in Malay... let me know if you need translation :)

What we naturally like, as women is as in the picture on the left while what is required from us is like the picture on the right.


So, this is where the challenges begin. 
Where all the tests of our iman is put on us... 
The tests which required all the strengths (of heart) that we have..


As someone who has been up & down the stages 2-7 all my life (but most of it is at stage 5) and I have only been consistently staying at the stage 6-7 for the past 3-4 years, I can say that I understand these challenges.

We women like to look beautiful & stylish...
We also like to be praised for it, even though we sometimes deny this :)
But, this is the truth.
And this is also the reason why we have a lot of challenges in fulfilling the requirement of hijab.
Plus, there are so many female fashions out there that is not syariah compliant.
The fashions, they look beautiful, so stylish, so fashionable, so modern, so tempting...

and our weak heart always fell for it...

So, what can we do about this?
What can we do so that we comply with the requirement of hijab, but also look presentable?

First thing first, we do not want to be like what is captioned in the image below:

and please avoid the extremes...
  • Extremely tight (leggings, skinnies are definitely a no-no)
  • See through clothing (because it just defeat the purpose)
In this case, I guess what we need to learn first, is the actual definition of hijab.

The image below summarized the definition quite nicely (except we don't have to look like we're marching when we walk... just don't sway too much)


Then, find some of the examples out there... the examples of muslimat who dress up nicely & still syariah compliant :) We have a lot of professional muslimat to look up to...

All pretty & successful...

Whatever it is... moderation is the key.
Not too much, not too little... 
Please also remember that, sloppy is not equal to moderate :P

We can do this you know... be syariah compliant.
All we need is the strength of the heart.
And we women are already a strong creation...
This should not be such a big challenge to us until we cannot improve ourselves even bit by bit.
Just put our heart into the determination to climb up the stages.
Find the circle of friends who will support us with this cause :)

To those who are still looking for the strength to take on the first step of hijab, I hope the answer from Ustaz Azhar Idrus in the image below will open your heart.

We can do this! Lets beat these challenges together!

Speechless still climbing...
Pray for me.

As usual, please correct me whenever I am wrong...

Thank you! Love y'all! Muah mmmuahhhhh!!!

*Images credit from FB & Internet...

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