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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Kuala Lumpur 2014 (1)

This year I want to take photos of my beloved Kuala Lumpur as much as I can. Growing up, I realized that my beloved city have gone through so many changes. I wish I have the photo of every changes... but I don't.

So, that's what started the mission :)

I hope you enjoy the photos although it was taken by my not so 'canggih' phone camera. Unfortunately, as much as I love photography, I dread carrying the big camera around...
I'll try to be a more dedicated photographer... ngeee...
These pictures are already on my instagram. Reuploading them here :)


The Petronas Twin Towers.
Photo taken from the best position to view the tower :)

National Mosque @ dusk.

Entering Kuala Lumpur from the North via PLUS Highway.

It was a sunny & windy day at Menara TM.

The iconic Masjid Jamek Kuala Lumpur

 Colourful shop lots in the middle of the city.
Giving new life to the old buildings.

Menara TM in the evening.

Dato' Keramat Lake Garden in the morning.

 KLCC garden in the evening.
View from the Suria KLCC food court.

 Titiwangsa Lake Garden in the morning.

Colourful water fountain @ KLCC

Beautiful sky & the Jelatek parking lot.

View from in front of Menara TM.

Pasar Dato' Keramat.
Old & new in one picture :)

P/S: Don't say anything...  I know... I'll start lugging that big camera around... :P
Are those horizons not horizontal? Another thing to improve... hmmm...

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