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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bonjour Musée du Louvre!

I love the Louvre Museum! Love it, love it, love it!

 In front of the famous pyramid of Louvre. I love this museum so much that I bought a book of the museum. I wanna go back... huhuhuuu...

That's a feeling that I never thought I'll get from visiting a museum. Heheheee... Plus, I'm never into art... I can hardly understand the meaning of a painting. Art illiterate... that's me :)

 A winter view around Louvre... 

The main reason I visited Louvre was because of Mona Lisa & The Da Vinci Code :P

 So much colourful painting everywhere... Nice colours... That's what I can appreciate from a painting... Kesiannnn I... hahahaaa...

Full of paintings all the way. If you study the paintings, you'll notice a few interesting things. Some of it makes me wonder what the painter trying to tell. Some of it gave eerie feelings despite it being bright & colourful. I must go back & try to understand the paintings. Such mystery :)

This painting is so huge that it occupies the whole wall! I was amazed!

Who knew I'll be having so much fun at the Louvre & regret that I only planned for a couple of hours at the museum *sigh* I wish I could spend more time at the Louvre.

On the way to see 'Mona Lisa'.

After much struggling, inching my way through a swarm of people, I finally get to take a picture of this famous painting. Notice the slanting angle... Not easy shooting a photo in a middle of a crowd of avid fans... But I made it! Heheheee...

There are a few halls at the Louvre Museum. But, we only spent time at the Denon hall because that's where the 'Mona Lisa' is. Once when we got inside the halls, we had so much fun spending time with the sculptures. Hihihiii... art lovers might be offended with the way we posed with the sculptures, but we can't help it :P ngeeeee... 

View of the sculptures hall...

Call me close-minded, but I seriously think that people use art as an excuse to allow 18SX stuffs. 
This sculpture is one of the examples...

The museum is very accommodating. The information counter was attended by a group of helpful staff, there were brochures about the museum in a few different languages. There's a book store, a cafeteria and souvenirs stalls. The best thing is there is a place where you can leave your bulky winter coat & luggage. So convenient.

Another form of art that I don't get. But, it's funny! I love it!

We went to the Louvre on a Sunday... Entrance to the main halls is free on Sunday :) Any chance to save $$, we'll take it. So did everyone else. So the museum was crowded. My advice, if you love art, you are going to love this museum. Therefore, it's not worth saving your money. Pay for the entrance & go on days other than Sunday when it is not so crowded. You want to be able to appreciate the place :)

Another advice, go to the Louvre Museum. You'll love it!

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