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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bonjour La Tour Eiffel!

Woot woot... apa tuuuuu???

You know what that is. I don't need to introduce you the famous structure right? But, what I can do is share you a few more pictures... and share a little bit about my Paris experience :)

Mmmm... I guess I'll start with what I love most about this city of love *wink*.

Eiffel Tower & The Louvre Museum!

Love them both!

And.... the crepe! The Nutella crepe! Yummy!

This is my favourite picture.

A friend of mine said Eiffel Tower is just a 'besi buruk', but to me it is not. To me, there is something romantic about Eiffel Tower. I don't know what it is & how is that possible... but that's what I felt. It is made of steel, not concrete like other towers. That what makes it special.

Mr. Eiffel. 

If you ever go to Eiffel Tower, make sure you take the elevator up to the top floor. Another friend told me there's nothing to see up there. But for me, even though the queue was very long, but it was worth it. The view from the top was amazing. You get to see an aerial view the city of Paris. The air at the top was cold! But I loved it! Loved it to bits!

The long queue for ticket. But, it was worth it :)

I was lucky that the sun was shining brightly on the first day, despite winter... the sky was bright blue. Therefore, my Eiffel Tower pictures are good :) By the way, just FYI, I'm a bad winter photographer. I just found that out during this trip *sigh*

On the elevator to the top :)

We took the metro to go to the Eiffel Tower. The best thing about taking the metro to the Eiffel Tower that day was, we got to see a fantastic view of the tower a few moments after the train exited the subway. It was in the afternoon, nearly 2pm. But the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the colour of Eiffel Tower blended nicely with the lights and the cool air of winter. It was wonderful. I remember watching Eiffel Tower with an open mouth from inside the train. The view was amazing!

City of Paris from Eiffel Tower

From the metro station to the Eiffel Tower, we bought crepe, a famous desert in France. I chose a nutella crepe. The rich chocolaty taste of nutella combined with the warmth and softness of the crepe made it feel like it was the best meal I have ever had in Paris. Just lovely & comforting :)

 That's me. Happily posed in front of Eiffel Tower... 
A shot by Anastasia with a photo composition that really works :) 
Love it!

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