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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

My favourite Bear Gryll's quotes...

From Bear Grylls Facebook status messages :P

If  you want to join my Mom and say, "Oh my God, you're still talking about Bear Grylls?!', go ahead. Coz, oh yeah, I'm still talking about Bear Grylls! Heheheheee...

 My current inspirational desktop wallpaper... hihihiiii...

If you're wondering what brought this back, well as always it is because I've been watching too much of a programme which in this case is 'Men vs Wild'. That show is my window to adventures... hope to move to the door. Hopefully soon :P

Truth is... as much as an Indi Wannabe that I am, I am still so much of a couch potato, which is bad. So bad. But I feel I'm getting a bit better this year. It all starts with a step & 2011 is definitely a 'step' for me. *Patting my own shoulder. Good job Speechless!*

By the way, I've watched the show with Jake Gyllenhaal. Not as fun as the one with Will Ferrell, but I do notice something... their characters. I remember thinking, 'Wow, no wonder they are successful'. The way they face challenges... calm & calculated. Sure that was just a show, but still...

Nothing important, but just FYI... I've clicked 'Like' on Bear Grylls FB page... I'm an official fan now. Ngeee... He's trying to get 1mil fans on his page, so could you be a dear and go click that 'Like' button? :)

Thanks a Zillion! *kiss kiss*

Back to the main subject of today...

My favourite quotes from Bear Grylls Facebook status messages... so far.. :P

The last one... really got me to thinking 'Hmmm... maybe not yet'.

That's all for now. Stay inspired y'all!

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