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Friday, January 01, 2010

A closing & An Opening...

If time was a character in X-men, I think it will be QuickSilver as 2009 swoooooshed by me so amazingly fast. It feels like only a few months ago since I wrote 'Happy 2009 y'all'...

Half of 2009 was a very busy period in my work life and I didn't really balanced my life & work fairly. In the case of 2009, work won. The things I did in 2009, the result can only be seen in 2010. I'm hoping I'll manage to make them all a reality. I'm praying hard...

Anyway, some notes on 2009... nothing important, just me mumbling away :)

Best movie of 2009: My vote --> STAR TREK. Followed closely by AVATAR. By the way, have you watched AVATAR? Amazing... great effects, beautiful imaginary planet... and as always, Sam Worthington is so yummy... hahahaaaaa...

Best tv series of 2009: CRIMINAL MINDS. I love this series because it feels like the FBI team make the case personal, as if the crime happened to themselves. Plus, I feel like I can be a part of that team... hehehee... me & my tv life :P Then, I also enjoy NAVY:NCIS because the team is so cool. But, ever since Special Agent Caitlin Todd & Special Agent Paula Cassidy no longer in the series, I don't eagerly wait for this show anymore... and then, MERLIN. A light story and perfect for Sunday night. The story is funny, heartwarming, sweet, sometimes romantic and the prince is a prince... plus, it always has a happy ending and good will always overcome evil. This is what I like about this series. It gives out hopes :)

What I didn't write about when it happened but wanted to, was about the marriage of an 'Islamic' couple, both in entertainment industry. I shouldn't care and I normally didn't care whenever it comes to what those entertainers do in their private lives. But these two, are 'Islamic' and I'm pretty sure they still are... If you asked me, is it wrong that they got married to each other? I would say, no. But, what is wrong were the things that happened in the process. The 'ustaz' didn't behave like an ustaz and he certainly didn't act like one. Why does this pissed me off? Because this top the list of what is wrong in our society right now. If an 'Islamic' person behave 'UnIslamic', what can we expect from muslims that are unIslamic? This is very, very disappointing.

The last saddest thing happened almost at the end of 2009, was the accident of a passenger express bus, that claimed 10 lives. It was very very sad indeed. I feel the sadness of the victims' family... The lost of beloved children, parents, fiance... so heartbreaking... But, somehow I also feel the sadness of the bus driver. If the bus driver was on drugs or he usually was a wreckless driver or anything, I wouldn't pity him. But, because he was sleepy and his eyes were shut for one or two seconds... I couldn't imagine the guilt he feels... thus, I find it hard to blame him 100%.

We're all drivers too, right? We know, driving long distance at night is not easy. Especially in Perak where at certain point, the road is hilly & curvy. Plus, highways in our country can be very dark for a long stretch at one time. When it is dark, it is easier to be sleepy. All this time, government has come out with law & guidelines for express bus operators in order to reduce fatal accidents. All involves bus drivers & maintainence of the vehicles. I think this time, we should also look at the conditions of our highways. Putting up additional street lights would be a good start. This is just an opinion from one, tiny (not so 'tiny') person... but, no harm looking into this suggestion right?

To those reporters out there... why are you keep asking 'How do you feel?' to the families of the victims? This question popped out everytime... What kind of answer are you guys expecting????

And then, another sensation for the closing of 2009. The lost of not one, but two engines of the airforce jets. What a joke... a thing that big can be stolen, or get lost? Those engines belonged to the military, people with highest security, I assume... People can steal from them? Something is terribly wrong somewhere... Small fish can steal something that big? I don't think so! All I want to say to these dishonest people, 'the small and the big fish'... you think you can become purely rich from stealing? Maybe financially yes, you can... but inside you're still so poor. Maybe you don't care if you're poor inside as long as you're financially rich. But, you can only not care while you're still breathing on earth. One day, you will be served with the truth...

2009 in my country didn't end so well, I would say.

Let's hope for a much better year in 2010.

So, Happy 2010 y'all. My wish to all of you... May all the success, happiness, bliss & love be yours.

An ending note, a quote from 'Ducky' of Navy: NCIS':
"An ethical person knows that he shouldn't steal but a moral person actually wouldn't"

Never sway away from moral values...

Have a great year! XOXO :)

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