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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Give it 6 months :)

In between master data loading for system go-live preparation... pre-load signoff, spinning eyes, postload signoff, spinning eyes, data verification, spinning eyes, data correction, spinning eyes, error identification, spinning eyes... heheheeee...

Today, I just want to share a proven fact, based on my own experience... my friend in HR once told me that it will take at least 6 months for anyone to adjust to a new working environment. That is why most companies apply a 6 months probation period. However, what I found out is that this is not specific to adjusting to working responsibilities. It also applies to working relationship, friendship, personal relationship... this concept applies to all aspect of life :)

Adjusting to the new responsibilities is not as hard as adjusting to the new people around us, don't you think?

Usually, in the beginning when I get myself into a new environment, I'll complaint... many or not, depending on the people and the nature of the work... but after a while the complaints becomes lesser and lesser. Perhaps things has gotten better, I've gotten good at what I do, the people has improved... most importantly, perhaps I have improved... I manage to adjust to the new environment and to the people around me.

It takes time, but we have to do what we have to do... eventually, things will not be as hard as it used to.

I admit that some people will not make things easier... they are just plain stubborn and egoistic and 'bodoh sombong' and 'perasan bagus'... heheheeee... in this case, please go to the proper channel to express your feelings. Get advice on what can be done to handle this kind of person. DO NOT talk bad things about your colleagues to another colleagues, especially if you're not sure whether it is safe to do so. Because words get around... you don't want to be in more trouble than you already are.

So next time you have a bad impression or problems with new colleagues, give it a few month before you make up your mind about that person. Remember, it takes at least 6 months to adjust.

As for me, things has gotten better... I understand about the people that I work with even though they are very different in most things. I understand now that, sometimes they don't mean to be difficult, only that they don't know how to make things 'easy'... in addition to that, each and everyone of us has a different definition of 'easy'... it's not easy to comply to each standard.

I'm right, right?

Like what experts always say, the key to a good relationship is communication. Sometime and to some people, this is not an easy thing to do, but then again... we have to do what we have to do.

I hope what I share today is useful...

Have a successful life everyone!


CheeJa@Nizah said...

Nom.. is true enuff marriage pun kena juga ada probation hahhahaha

The Sometimes Speechless said...

tapi probation in marriage takleh sesuka nak backout or resign cikja... heheheheee...