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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A dispute? Really?

Tight schedule, hardly have any time to blog… but I have something to say about the current ‘steamy’ affairs in my country. 2010 kicking off to a bad start… Can I expect to see a bright light for the rest of this year? Blurryyyy…

A religious dispute between Islam & Christian… over the court decision to allow Catholic weekly 'The Herald' to use the term ‘Allah’ in its Bahasa Malaysia section, that's what I understand about this issue from Malaysiakini. Different religions in Malaysia have been living together for more than just 52 years... now we’re having disputes? Very unlikely. This smells very fishy… at least to me.

Q1: How can our court make this decision? Can’t they see that this kind of problems will surface? Are they really making decisions based on only facts? In this case, I think what court should have done is to advise the affected religions to sit together and have a discussion first. I can’t help but wonder... can we rely on our court to make sound decisions?

Q2: On the attacks on churches around KL. I honestly believe that ‘someone’ out there is planning on a veryyyyyyy bad & sneaky game. I feel like, the incident that happened that made me cancelled my Jogja trip, was kind of a game to test us from the outside. Now, they are trying to play with us from the inside.

I sound like someone who’s afraid to face the truth, but putting my ‘criminal minds’ hat on, I think I’m right (so perasannn…) Seriously, don’t dismiss this possibility.

So, what I want to urge those who happened to read my blog, let’s say that they are trying to play us, we must refuse to be a puppet in their game.

Let’s say I’m wrong… and those people who attacked the churches and say that they did it for ‘Islam’, all I have to say is, how dare you? How dare you tarnish the name of Islam? Igniting fights when Islam itself means peace?

To all of us, think with our heads and our hearts. Don’t get carried away with what we read or hear in the news. We’re wayyyy smarter than what 'they' think... whoever 'they' are... *wink*


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