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Monday, December 14, 2009

MH - Malaysian Hospitality

That's definitely one of the reasons why I prefer to fly Malaysia Airlines (MAS)... patriotism aside and when cost is not in question :)

I have not been on many airlines... just a few... and comments about airlines that I haven't been on, I collected from other people. Above all, in my opinion MAS is the best. You wonder why?

I'm not sure. I believe, mostly because I'm a Malaysian and being on MH flight makes me feel at home. But seriously, MAS provides a good in-flight services, whether you're in an economy or business class. I'm sure there are some people out there who had bad experience with MAS, but to be honest, I never had that kind of experience. I hope I will never. All these time, my experiences flying on MH flights has always been pleasant and calm. The steward and stewardess were friendly, polite, gentle and they speak softly which is very important in a close and compact environment.

One time, on my flight to the UK, I was surprised with a mug of 'teh tarik' even when all I asked for was some biscuits for an evening snack. That was an unforgettable experience... the little things always make an impression :)

However, I must tell you... the main reason why I would always choose Malaysia Airlines is that they put a disclaimer in their menu... all foods served on MH flights are HALAL.

Phewww... that's the biggest relief.

All of us have different reasons for choosing an airline, cost especially. But, if cost is not a problem and especially if you're muslim and Malaysian, do choose Malaysia Airlines because no other airlines can understand Malaysian better. As for muslims, flying MAS is really worry free. Trust me.

Even if you're not Malaysian nor muslim, you should still choose MAS to experience Malaysian Hospitality... they really demonstrate how we Malaysian treat our guests :) which is GOOD...

Although, I do wish MH in-flight cabins can be as good as SIA...

Before I sign out, I would like to express my admiration to all 'smooth' pilots who had made my landing experience pleasant. They showed that landing can be done smoothly and gently and I've always admired them for that. To Captain Benedict Jody (I hope I got his last name right), captain of flight MH65, Incheon to KLIA via KK, thank you for the 2 times of smooth landings. You're the man!

I'm promoting MAS :) Kindly visit for flight reservation.

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