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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shanghai, China

I got a chance to travel to Shanghai last September. I've always loved traveling to China... I don't know why. I think it's most probably because I think that the country is so BIG... so many places to explore. In this case, I think I would enjoy traveling to Russia & USA too...

Anyway, Shanghai is a big city. Bigggg... they can afford to have big roads complete with a special lane for 2 wheels and another special lane for pedestrians.

And they have a lot of trees! Big big trees! I like!

My experience:
  • Honest taxi drivers. Even though a few people warned me to be careful with the taxi drivers, I didn't feel cheated at all. They all used the metres for the taxi fare. I searched on Google map how long it would take for me to reach the hotel from airport so that I'll have some ideas if I was being cheated. Google map said it will take about 30 minutes... I reached hotel in about 35 minutes. No cheating there right? Nope!
  • Food... I've always loved Chinese food. The canteen at the plant served vegetarian food. Nice... and there was a HALAL stall just across the Radisson Blu hotel. Lucky me!
  • A lot of handmade items... clothes, bags, table cloth, table runner... things like that... and cheap imitation products. But, as usual... bring your bargaining skill with you :)
  • The city is clean... Yup, clean... I'm impressed. 
  • The city is full of modern architecture... and also I didn't get to go to The Bund. But, I'll go there next time I go to Shanghai. From pictures, The Bund looks awesome!
  • The weather on my third & fourth day there was so lovely... the sun was shining, the wind was blowing, the air was cool, the trees were dancing... I was definitely smiling... Happy!
  • All nice people.. not so friendly but the ones I met, were nice people. So, it all comes to that. The people are the ones that makes a traveling experience a wonderful one :)
  • But... the driving... Fast & Furious like driving... I kept hitting my imaginary emergency break at the passenger sit. OMG! I just hope they don't drive like that if they came to Malaysia.

I didn't take much picture during my time in Shanghai... Why was that??? I was busy soaking in the view of the trees, the sky, the rivers and the buildings... I'll remember to take more pictures in my next trip :)

For now, I hope you'll enjoy these few pics that I managed to take.

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