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Monday, August 19, 2013

A tiny Utor Typhoon Experience in Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong last week, when Utor typhoon passed over it.
It was a new experience for me since I've never seen a typhoon before...
It was also one of the times when I feel so lucky to have a country like Malaysia. Geographically strategic, we are still safe from natural disaster like this (so far...)

Fortunately, Utor typhoon didn't do damage to Hong Kong.

I arrived in Hong Kong without having any idea that there was a typhoon approaching. First information I received was when I read an alert at a shopping mall entrance.

'Utor Typhoon' alert level 3.

'Ehhhh... what's this?'
So, I ignored the warning (this is what lack of experience did to me... not even a typhoon alert can scare me of :P)

But then, the hotel started to hand out information on the communication for the typhoon. All I remembered was the alert level can reach up to level 8, where everyone had to stay indoors & shops will be closed.

So, that was what happened on Wednesday, 14-August-2013. The alert level reached to level 8. Since the meeting that I was attending was conducted in the hotel where I was staying, sad to say that I didn't get to go outside when it happened and kept wondering where all our Hong Kong colleagues were :) On that day, flights were cancelled, schools & offices were closed & public transportation were stopped.

I can't tell you guys how is an alert level 8 typhoon feels like.But, at level 3, the wind was so strong and it kept raining on & off. The clouds were thick & moved so fast like someone was pressing the fast forward button. I was in awe because it was like watching a documentary on tv. It was a nice experience (since nothing really bad happened).

My flight back to KL was delayed because of the typhoon... but I don't have anything to complain for since Cathay Pacific compensated me for being a cooperative customer. It was one of the days when I think my patience paid off & there are silverlinings to everything :)

Here are some of the photos during Utor typhoon alert level 3. I'll share the video later.

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