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Thursday, April 19, 2012

KL Flash Flood

I got through this flash flood experience with mixed feelings.

Worry, nervous, cautious, alert and... excitement (somehow... hihihiiii...) But after it was all over, the one thing that I was definitely feeling was tiredness.

Cleaning the thick, stubborn, slippery mud was not an easy job even for a few people.

It was raining very heavily that day. The water rose so fast to knee deep in about 5 minutes. It was scary... seriously. It was like a small tsunami.

The river must have risen about 10 feet.

The day after... compare the river level.
An interesting 'friend' I found once the flood decreased.

My home was quite badly affected by this flash flood. But some others experienced worst.

I pray that this will not happen again. As much as I love the rain, I get nervous if there is no sign of the heavy rain slowing down after an hour.

Nature is something that we do not want to mess with.

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