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Saturday, April 21, 2012

I miss you, food :) --> Chicken Chasing The Rainbow Dish

Update on 02-July-2012:
Anastasia gave 2 names for this dish:
  1. The Rainbow Connection
  2. Chicken Chasing The Rainbow Dish --> the image is playing in my mind & it's so funny!
I'm going with the 2nd one. So much fun!

So, please read on how I come about the recipe of this 'Chicken Chasing The Rainbow Dish' :)


I don't know why, but suddenly I keep on thinking about this one dish that I ate a few times during my visit to China.

Coincidentally, my Mom is too tired too cook.
Fortunately, I was at the supermarket & super hungry when the taste of this dish hit my brain.

I haven't cooked for quite some time... I swear I saw my Mom almost jumped from happiness when I told her I was going to cook Chinese food.

I don't know the name of this dish. All I know is that it tasted good & fulfilling :) If you know what is the name of this dish, do tell me please :)

By the way, I think some of the ingredients that I add is not in the original dish... So, it is not really the same as the one I had in China... Similar, but not the same... ngeee...

I also think that, this recipe is healthy & good for us who wants to be on diet.

The ingredients:
1. Onions
2. Garlics
3. Cucumber
4. Capsicums- red & yellow
5. Pineapple cubes
6. Tomatoes
7. Chicken slices
8. Eggs
9. Dried chilli --> because at home, if it's not hot, it doesn't taste good :)
10. Cooking oil --> not too much
11. Salt
12. Water

Don't ask me about the measurement, because I don't know how to tell you. I cook using instinct (Wow, I sound like 'God of Cookery' the movie :P)

If I just give you the pictures of the result, without giving you the instructions on how to cook it, can you imagine how it's done? I hope you can... coz I don't know how to tell you the instructions as well.

All I can tell you is it tasted so goooooddd... even my mom said so.

That's big :P

1 comment:

Aida Salleh said...

Anom, aida pun pernah buat yang macam seakan2 dengan yang anom masak ni. Cuma aida tak letak dried chilli (aida letak clli flake atau chilli powder)& pineapple cubes. Chicken slices pulak kadang2 aida ganti dengan tuna. Cepat, senang n sedap dimakan. Selalu masak sebelum pi opis - tapau 4 lunch. :-)