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Saturday, August 06, 2011

HALAL in Malaysia

To be frank, I'm upset... maybe not upset... I think I am now angry when it comes to talking about Halal in Malaysia. Just today, I receive a list of restaurants in Malaysia that are not Halal certified or their Halal certification has been revoked.

I won't be angry if Malaysia is not a so called 'Islamic' country. Come on... the truth is, we are not an Islamic country. We are only a country with majority Muslim and Islam is the official religion. We can't say we are Islamic country yet when a lot of things done in Malaysia are not aligned with Islam.

I won't be angry if the listing is made public and easily accessible. You know... list them in the newspaper (online or hardcopy), announce during primetime news. Let the whole Malaysia know. But not... it's up to individual initiative to find out.

How can I not be angry when I found out last month (if not mistaken) that none of the kopitiam in Selangor is halal. None. I believe, most of us Muslim only knew about this after we had enjoyed a meal or two (or more)  at those outlets -->

And in the list that I received today, one of the sausage used in 'Old Town White Coffee' menu is not halal certified.I've eaten at 'Old Town White Coffee'... once... but still... *Sigh*

Did you notice that a lot of restaurants and food courts using 'Halal Asia Pacific' certification, but when I search the Halal Certification Body list by JAKIM, 'Halal Asia Pacific' is not in the list. -->

Marah tak, marah tak? I feel like those outlets are trying to trick Muslim consumers.

Or, the Muslim consumers don't care enough.

We are the majority. We should have a more strict rules and enforcement right?

But, NOT!

Marah kan? Argh!

I'm not asking for ALL food outlets to be halal. We are a multi-racial country, multi- religion... So, I understand. We can't force all outlets to be halal.

I'm only asking for those HALAL outlets to be completely HALAL! That's all.

Let's be honest. I'm not one of the person who keeps on updating herself with the latest & updated information from JAKIM. Most of the times, I just trust the halal certificate that they hang on the wall. If I can't trust that, means living in Malaysia is the same as living in a non- Islamic country. Right?

Sometime I feel it's easier to eat in a non- Islamic country. I can easily differentiate the Halal & non- Halal. The line is clearer.

I like the food court in Singapore. They clearly separate the food court betwen halal & non- halal. They even separate the plates & cutleries. I enjoyed the food there more confidently. One time I went to a sushi place in Singapore, the waitress there, who were a non-muslim informed me upfront that their restaurant is not halal even though they don't serve pork. I'm highly grateful to her.

You see... they are more sensitive than Malaysia... and Malaysia is a majority Muslim country.

So, what is it that I should suggest today? All talk & complain & no suggestion would make me a very lame blogger :P

My suggestions:

1. Education. To all Muslims & non-Muslims. Some of us know, but close one eye... some of us, really don't know... some of use don't care. We can't blame the non- Muslims if we haven't educate them about Halal. But, some of my non-Muslims friends really understand the concept of Halal. When I was in Singapore, my dear friend was the one who helped me to identify the foods & restaurants that I can or cannot eat or go to. Thank you Uncle Sam -XOXO-
To us Muslims, if we don't know, learn... take interest. But, if after we already knew but then close an eye or or pretend that we still don't know or just don't care... Then, what can I say?

2. Openly announce the halal & non- halal status. It makes consumers life easier.

3. Make the information easily accessible. Which restaurant is halal. Which food court we cannot go to. Which additive or coloring we can't consume. Which brush we're not suppose to use. Just create a '' page on Facebook. We can all click 'Like'. Easy to update the whole world like this ya? If tourism can have a millions ringgit page... halal page should get more budget allocation. This is more important right? (pssst... pssst... is there already a page, but I don't know about it? I don't think so... I searched... there's a link, but no page..)

4. All restaurants & food outlets to clearly indicate their halal or non-halal status. Green halal sticker & Red non- halal sticker to be sticked at their entrance. This is important so that we don't feel like they are trying to trick us.

Raise your hands if you agree with me. Both hands please :)

What else? Any other suggestion?

Speechless on halal, signing out. Eat well everyone!

Happy fasting! Happy break fasting! Happy Terawikh!

Selamat menambah ibadah di bulan Ramadhan!

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