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Saturday, July 02, 2011

A Meowing Trip to Kuching, Sarawak: Sarawak Cultural Village (Part 1)

This entry has been long overdue... but I hope you'll enjoy the pics just the same :)

I love Sarawak Cultural Village so much! Never get tired of the traditional houses and never get over the suspense of climbing down the traditional wooden staircases, especially at the tall Melanau house! Such a thrill! Hahahaaaaa...

And this time, I also enjoyed a relaxing time at the swing under the Malay house. Love it!

The entrance fee is quite pricey, I think... RM40 for Sarawakians & RM60 for Malaysians from peninsular.  But I didn't mind coz Anastasia paid for me. Ngeeeeee... The'll give you a sticker & a passport book for you to collect stamps at each of the houses.

There is also a cultural show there. Make sure you check the schedule & don't miss it!

The sticker :)
 View near the entrance
 Waaaaa... so many houses...

How to ascend the staircase... a demo from me :)
How to descend the staircase... a demo from Anastasia :)
 An Iban warrior in action...
 An Orang Ulu dance...

Another nice view...

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