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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Meowing Trip to Kuching, Sarawak: Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

I had so much fun here!

I'm not so much of an animal person. But somehow, I find Orang Utan interesting :) Perhaps because I met one in National Zoo years ago and she was adorable!

We arrive at Semenggoh Wildlife Center at about 2.00pm so that we don't have to wait for so long for the 3.00pm feeding time. The entrance fee was only RM 3.00... so cheap for so much fun :)

There are a total of 26 Orang Utan in this wildlife center. You can read about them & the families at the information board at the entrance. The Orang Utans have quite catchy names... hihihiii...

Entrance ticket :)

Please adhere to all the rules & regulations here because it is all for your own safety. 

While waiting for the feeding time, we went to watch the Orang Utans in their natural habitat. We were so lucky because there was a family of Orang Utan hanging out near the watching area. I managed to capture a couple photos of this curious little one :)

The ranger called us at about 2.30pm for an early feeding time. Before we walked to the feeding area, a ranger briefed us on what we should or should not do. One very important point was, foods and drinks are a big no no. Don't bring them to the feeding area or you might be attacked... for the foods & drinks of course.

200 meters to the feeding area.

Watching the Orang Utans during feeding time was so much fun!

Tu dia aihhhh... sekali tiga dia ngap...

After eating, they played with one another. So cute! You can see all the rolling and wrestling actions going on :)

Auwww... Manjanya diaaaa... 


Pose menawan... Seksi tak??? Kekekeeee... 

My favourite picture...

So, if you are ever in Kuching, make sure you have time to visit Semenggoh Wildlife Center. You will have so much fun!


Dayah said...


Nice, I would love to go to.
Nice blog.
Will come again^^

The Sometimes Speechless said...

Salam Dayah...

Thanks :) Please, please... do come again *wink*