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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Meowing Trip to Kuching, Sarawak

I had so much fun in Kuching, Sarawak last week. Tired but fun! This was my 3rd time in Kuching and I enjoyed it like I've never been there before. Heheheeee...

As always, what makes a place a good place to visit is the people. I always say to my friends, if you think Malaysians are nice people, you will find nicer Malaysians in Sarawak. In my case, I have my dearest friend & her family there. That definitely doubled my good time :)

Where did I go in Kuching?
  1. Serikin --> for shopping of course :)
  2. Semenggoh Wildlife Center --> Orang Utan time! Loved it!
  3. Sarawak Cultural Village --> Experience the Sarawak's houses
  4. Pantai Puteri (Puteri Beach) @ Santubong
  5. Movies --> 'Priest' and... 'Thor' for the 2nd time... he's too hot! :P
  6. Eating out --> Too much food... huhuhuhuuu...
    • 'Ayam Panggang' (Roasted Chicken) @ RJ Ayam Penyet was so juicy & soft & succulent.
    • Drooling over 'Pisang Goreng' (Fried Banana) @ RJ Ayam Penyet
    • Mee Jawa Kuah Satay @ Coffee O Corner is a must try (according to Anastasia... I didn't try coz the Nasi Lemak was calling out to me)
    • Seafood @ TopSpot (or Taman Kereta) must not be missed!
I'll be posting separately for items 1- 4. As a preview of my Kuching experience, I present to you, the yummy foods that I enjoyed so much...

 'Ayam Panggang' (Roasted Chicken) @ RJ Ayam Penyet served with a stinging dried chilli dip.

'Pisang Goreng' (Fried Banana) @ RJ Ayam Penyet.

Oiy, wipe that drool off your mouth :P

Hope you enjoy my other entries!

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