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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Malayan Tigers Roared So Loudly Tonight!


Muahahahahaaaa... Happy happy happy!

Who is the CHAMPION of AFF Suzuki Cup 2010?!


Say that again!!!


For the first time in a very very long time, I'm so proud of Malaysia's football team. This young team reminds me very much of my own younger time, when Malaysia's football team was great.

You guys rock! Kacak sangattt!!!

So, CONGRATULATIONS to Malaysia's National Football team... and THANK YOU for making us so proud. I pray for this greatness to continue and all the best to all of you! 

Did you watch the match just now? I was impressed at how friendly the players from each country are with each other. When one about to get into a misunderstanding, another will come to calm the situation. When one was injured, another come to provide first aid... and they were not from the same team.

So, good job to both Malaysia & Indonesia teams & audiences. We have all shown a good spirit in sport (with a few harmless incidents... but should not be happening again in the future). But I have to say, I was worried with the safety of our players when they were in Indonesia. All the insults and accusations were unnecessary. Just stop it already.

Malaysia and Indonesia will always be inspiring rivals, I think. Which can be put to the advantage of both parties. After all, we are different yet the same.

And again, CONGRATULATIONS to HARIMAU MALAYA!!! Your roar that is echoing loudly all over the country is sending butterflies in the stomachs of your future opponents!

Cayalah!!! I am so PROUD!!!

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