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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Against the Current...

Last AidilAdha, my cousin & I watched this movie 'Against the Current'... A movie which in my opinion 'intriguing yet very disturbing'.

Intriguing because I have never encounter such depressed person who had tried everything to feel better but nothing worked.

Disturbing because it's difficult to understand how can someone go through all the troubles... just to end his life.

At the end of the movie, my cousin & I, we were both speechless...

The story is about a man who lost his wife and unborn child... so depressed by the lost, he wanted to take his own life by trying to jump off the building of his apartment. Luckily, his best friend got there just in time and were able to talk him out of the idea, out of desperation by saying 'Give it time. If in 5 years, you still feel the same, you can kill yourself and I will not stop you.' Something like that. So, that worked and the man changed his mind.

Not really...

Apparently, 5 years later, he still felt the same. But this time, he wanted to achieve something before the anniversary of his wife's death... He wanted to swim the length of Hudson River. His best friend & another girl friend who didn't know his real intention, supported him. The journey took about 1-2 weeks... I can't really remember. Along the way, they had fun, went through a lot together... he even made a romantic connection with the girl friend.

You would think that after all that happy times he spent with his best friend and a romance with the girl friend, he would change his mind...


After he was done swimming the length of Hudson River, he was still determined to keep his suicide plan and just continued swimming to the wide ocean. Despite the best friend crying and begging him not to...

When he was already on his way towards the ocean, the best friend wanted to go after him, to bring him back. But the girl friend said, 'Don't... if he wants to turn back, he will'.

If I was the the best friend or the girl friend, I will do everything in my power to stop him even though it means breaking my promises... Some promises are not meant to be kept...

What if by the time he changes his mind, he's already so tired and no energy left to turn back? He will just drown and die with all the regrets of taking his own life, of selfishly leaving all his beloved, of not giving himself more time and of not trying hard enough to get better.

Of knowing that whatever the reason is, suicide is never the answer.

Life is full of challenges... He's not the only one being tested. If other people can get through their challenges, so can he.

If you believe in God, get closer to Him. He'll guide you. He'll help you. He'll make everything better.

If you don't believe in God, then start believing. Because... we are only human. There are times when we feel so hopeless, like everything is going wrong and nothing can help us... we start to look up to the sky, wishing for a divine power, to help pull us through.

I'm so disturbed by this movie... I wish, this is only a movie. A writer dark imagination and not based on some true events or true stories. Although it is not hard to believe that this kind of things could happen in real life as well.

Anyway, in conclusion... I don't think you would want to watch this movie. Unless you're doing research for your degree in psychology... Otherwise there are many other meaningful, non-depressing movies out there.

Have a great life everyone! Be good ok!

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