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"La Tahzan, InnaAllaha ma'ana" (Al- Quran: Surah At- Taubah- Verse 40)
Translation: "Be not sad (or afraid), surely Allah is with us."

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

What is Ramadhan...

...all about?

Like a blink of an eye, Ramadhan is swooshing past me. Feels like it started just yesterday, and today it is already in the third week. Soon, it will be over and we all have to wait for another year for it to come and visit us again.

How do you feel about Ramadhan? I'm sure the feelings are different for all of us for we are all different people in heart, in mind, in education, in beliefs, in religion, in faith... What if you & I are in the same religion? Would we feel the same about Ramadhan? Maybe... maybe not. Maybe our faith is different even though we are in the same religion right? Different level of faith :)

This year, Ramadhan revealed its meaning to me... Something that I think I should have known long time ago since I've been a loyal member of Ramadhan for about more than 2 decades. Even though I should have, I haven't... until this year's month of Ramadhan.

Before I go to what I learn this year, maybe I should briefly explain about what is Ramadhan?

Yes? No? Yes? Ok.... heheheeee...

Ramadhan is the 9th month is Islamic calendar. This month is a fasting month for Muslims. So, we fast from dawn to dusk, refraining ourselves from food, drink, sexual relations & anything that leads to it. Ramadhan is also a month full of blessings and forgiveness. So, during Ramadhan we should chase after those.

Why do we fast? Other than obeying the order of Allah, for me, fasting teaches me patience and strength... mentally, physically, spiritually. When I was muchhhh younger, I used to play catch with my friends at school during fasting month, even though we were fasting, full day. We were mentally, physically & spiritually stronger on those days I suppose. Running around in the field, under the hot sun was nothing... heheheeeee... Nowadays, I only managed a half an hour walk in the evening, followed by another hour of resting while waiting for the breaking fast time. So, I'm not sure which part is becoming weaker... the mind, the body or the spirit... hmmmm...

From health point of view, fasting is a month that gives your body a rest and a good time to flush out toxins. We've been feeding our body with foods for 11 months. So a one month of fasting is enough for the body to rest a little. Provided that we don't overfed ourselves during the break. It defeats the purpose.

I personally love Ramadhan, even more than I love Eidul Fitri. Ramadhan is the most happening month of the year! But seriously, I can't stand the too much of Ramadhan food market or bazaar. Most of the foods don't taste good & they are always so crowded.

Ok so, what is it that I learn from Ramadhan this year?

I learn that Ramadhan is a about SELF CONTROL.

That is what it is all about.

You see... Ramadhan is a month full of blessings and forgiveness. So, during this month there is no devils around to lure us towards temptations. This means, whatever that you do, it is all because of you. You can't blame it on the Satan or the devil. If you choose not to do the right or the kind things... it is all YOU.

Something to ponder upon...

If you are a Muslims and chose to or not to fast (without a valid reason).. it is YOU.
If you chose to tell lies or not... it is YOU.
If you choose to steal or is YOU.
If you choose to cheat or not... it is YOU.
If you choose to be kind or not... it is YOU.

I think you get the idea.

So, in conclusion... Ramadhan is also a month where we can see what kind of person we really are. A month of revelation. This month alone... I read about a lot of crimes in newspaper. That was all them... humans that do not need the devil to lure them into doing crimes. I have my wrong doings as well, which were all ME. I also need to ask for forgiveness and work on improving myself.

Before I end my entry tonight, can I ask for all of us Muslims, to have a better self- control during this holy month? We are all aware of what we can or cannot do, what we should or should not do. But, if you are not sure, then ASK.

If we can't control ourselves in this one month, I can say that the future is 'grey'ish.

So, I'm praying for a fruitful Ramadhan for myself and all my fellow Muslims out there. If this is our last Ramadhan, may it be the best in our lives.

Take care y'all!

Disclaimer: I still need to improve my English when writing in the context of Islam, or any religion. So, please pardon me when my choice of word or sentence is inaccurate or misleading. Do correct me. The last thing I want to do is to misinformed readers who visits my blog.


cikJa tgh mengimbau ni said...

adui..sayu baca..

The Sometimes Speechless said...

muhasabah diri di bulan Ramadhan. Easier said than done but we've got to try... berusaha!