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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hikayat Sang Kancil & Monyet

My favourite cartoon of all times... When I was little, this short cartoon was always shown on tv... a short clip with lots of education and moral values in it. I love this cartoon so much that some of the phrases stuck on my mind until now, a century later *wink*

The phrase that I sometimes use; *In Malay*
  • "Jangan monyet, kita tak boleh makan buah tu" --> when I want to stop someone from doing something that they are not suppose to do.
  • "Aku tak peduli, aku nak juga" --> when I still want to do something even though I've been told not to do it.
I can be a monyet sometimes *sigh*

These kind of educational cartoons are no longer shown on tv nowadays. When I was little, we were taught of moral values in the most entertaining and colorful ways. I think, this cartoon specifically has taught my generation to work hard, to be kind, honest & sincere... like the Kancil & Kura- kura.

The best lesson is to NOT be stubborn, lazy & mischievous... like the monyet.

Enjoy this short cartoon... other than the lessons behind it, it's also a reminder of what an amazing childhood we had *big grin*

If this is not enough, there are a lot more on YouTube *wink*

Take care y'all!

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