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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Men vs Wild

I love this show!

Even though I have no confident whatsoever that I'm gonna be able to do what Bear Grylls does in this survivor show.

Bear Grylls has really got me to reconsider my dreams of becoming Indiana Jones.

You know, when Mr. Jones did it, it was cool, smart, fun & funny.

But when Bear Grylls did it, it was yucks, ouch, eewwwww, phewwwww, aaarrrrghhhhhh and a lot of sweating and panting...

I'm telling you... Mr. Grylls is insane... :)

Just look at him hanging on the tree like a koala!

But Mr. Grylls is also so cool and calm! You can throw him anywhere and I bet he'll be able to make it out of there alive and kicking and smiling.

If you watched this show, you'll realize that throughout the entire seasons (now already in Season 5), Bear Grylls never lose his temper. He always keep it cool and calm, stay positive and hardly lose that smile on his face. Even a hammock made of a bamboo and a roof covered with leaves was considered 'snug' by him.

So as all of us already know... it's all in the ATTITUDE!

If he was grumpy and complaining and whining and blaming his crew for not helping him, do you think this show is possible? Or even if it is, would it be entertaining and educational?

I don't think so... and I believe, neither do you :)

Complainer and whiner is never really likable... lesson learnt.

But then, in the terms of survival, like what Bear Grylls is showing us... being able to survive doesn't rely only on your attitude. You have got to have a physical that can support that attitude.

I'm imagining... I'm attempting an adventure... walking across snow covered Alaska in the winter... I'm 10-20kg overweight (this is half fiction :p), with very little lean muscles around my body, the only exercise I get is a 30 minutes walk in the park on Sundays (if I really do exercise)... food & water are scarce... stamina is really low, muscles are very weak. I keep on telling myself, "I can do this!"

Can I really? Yeah, with the right attitude, everything is possible. Slowly, take it one step at a time... it might not be as easy as compared to Bear Grylls. Probably with more difficulties... He's out of there in what? 1 week? Me? hmmmm...

But, Bear Grylls himself said that ... it's important to have a positive mind because it will push yourself to go on even though your body already wants to quit.

So, I guess I'm on the right track. Even though I really really need to... Exercise!!!!"

I think with the right attitude and physics, we can all be Bear Grylls if we want to. But don't forget, we must have his kind of stomach as well... did you see what this guy put in his mouth, in the name of survival? Yikessss... snakes (almost all kinds including rattlesnake), rodents, bats, frogs, scorpions, raw deer, some kind of lizard if I'm not mistaken, worms, bugs... ewwwwwww... but some of those things are considered delicacies in some part of the world... that's right :)

Every time he's about to put the 'food' inside his mouth, I'll go "Don't do it Bear! Don't do it!!!" hahahaaaa... 

This is why Indiana Jones seems like a better option.

Coz, you know... Mr. Jones is a movie... Mr. Grylls is real life... :P

But if Indiana Jones vs Bear Grylls... I'll choose Bear Grylls everytime!

Bear Grylls, you're truly an INSPIRATION! Stomach aside *wink*

Seriously... Bear Grylls really inspired me!

 My favourite episode. So funny!

Okay... The Sometimes Speechless is jumping off the bed and off to the kitchen... that's as much of an adventure that I'm gonna get for today... hahahaaaaa....

Good byeeeeeeeeee... see ya laterrrrrrr...


ctsha said...

yeayyy..luv the will ferrel episode.. :D

The Sometimes Speechless said...

funny kan? heheheeee... ada one more bear grylls's funny moment... nanti i bagi u tgk... lawak seh!