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Monday, July 20, 2009

Keliwon @ TV3

In 3 words - good for laugh.

Usually we watch ghost stories for the scare & thrill. But watching 'Keliwon', a so called a series of 'ghost stories' really gives me a lot to laugh about. I don't only get to see stupid ghosts' make-up, but in the end, the 'Tok Iman' will always shows off his 'Power Ranger' skills and the 'monster' will conveniently dissappears.

Last Wednesday, I even got to see a blonde sea spirit with a dark, metallic, glittering face and look a bit like a mix of X and Y.

As if the ridiculous storyline is not enough, they have to put 'clowns' in the story to make it more 'entertaining'. And lately, the people disturbed by the 'ghosts' really un-Islamic. Just screaming & crying really shows how little faith they have.

I really cannot take the silliness of Keliwon after the last Wednesday's episode. But, why did I keep watching all this while?

Maybe because I'm hoping for another 'Kekasihku Seru'.

Now that's a good ghost story!


CheeJa@Nizah said...

hahah no doubt at ols Nom..stupid Keliwon!!! me waiting for Kekasihku Seru too.. !!

The Sometimes Speechless said...

Memang CikJa... rasa nak lempang2 semua yang terlibat dgn cerita keliwon tu...

uish... ganash ni...