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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Integrity in Journalism

To start... I admit I don't read much newspapers nowadays and I hardly watch the news on tv. The little update I get on what's going on around me is from the online news. I visit a few online newspaper websites, mostly local, sometimes I visited BBC. I don't know why... hmmm... to admit again, among these online newspaper websites, I'm most attracted to the 'tabloid' types. The stories are more interesting and generally have no direct impact to my life.

If you read a few newspapers, you'll start to realize that each newspaper has its own style, preferences and in the case of politics, it'll lean to a certain party. This will become more obvious when election time is around the corner. From the little observation that I had, one newspaper particularly leans towards the ruling party.

Yesterday, I read in Utusan Online a news where Tuan Guru Nik Aziz said 'Pergi Jahanamlah UMNO' after UMNO misinterpreted his message that his state will co-operate with government as co-operations between PAS & UMNO.

I thought that is very unbecoming of a 'Tuan Guru' to say such a thing. It was harsh. Then, I realized that I was reading Utusan Online, perhaps what they wrote was inaccurate since it was about the opposing party. It was easily hard to believe. So, I went to Harakah Daily to read whether Tuan Guru Nik Aziz really said that. But, no sort of thing were mentioned in Harakah Daily. However, it did mentioned the misinterpretation though. So I thought, hmmmm...

This little incident that happened yesterday made me wonder whether there is any integrity in journalism in Malaysia? Where can I find the truth when the people who are suppose to do it are not doing it? If this is the fact, if I cannot believe the news reported in the newspaper, why should I bother reading them? All the news I get will be misleading anyway.

It is quite confusing and somehow frustrating. I try not to think too much about it.

Then, today when I visited Utusan Online (I'm not sure why I keep on reading Utusan Online. I guess it's because the layout is more user friendly), there is an apology column. They actually made a mistake in reporting about what Tuan Guru have said before and they made an open apology. Although the apology is for a different news, not the one that I mentioned above, but still, this is refreshing...

I quickly went to Harakah Daily to see whether they have comment about the apology. But, what I found made my eyes bigger.

Tuan Guru Nik Aziz said that what he said 'Pergi Jahanamlah UMNO' was necessary. Hmmmm... he has justification for saying what he said, but still... I don't get it. Not when we're suppose to be the one setting up good examples.

What I finally got was, some rays of light in the integrity of Malaysian journalism. Apparently, they do report the right news. Even though the apology was two weeks late. I also learned from my little experience that I can't rely on only one source to get my news right (this is true in everyday life as well right?). Looks like I need to read more than one newspapers just so I can verify the news I'm reading. This is going to take much of my time...

This is why I prefer to read tabloids.

Just so you won't think that I'm writing with no bases, these are some photos and links to back-up my post :)
So, let us bring out the 'Lois Lane' inside of us in the search for the truth. One day, we will meet our 'Superman'.
Same goes to all 'Fox Mulder'... the truth is out there. One day, you'll meet your 'Dana Scully'.

Nite nite everyone! Wishing you a great day tomorrow!

1 comment:

ceteris paribus said...

There were times when people really uphold their integrity...

nowadays , integrity are up for sale.. to the highest bidder..

the solution i think is in Islamic values..

The essence of our Prophet (pbuh) teaching is actually.....

'AKHLAK'yg mulia..