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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Where all the decencies go?

Sing the title like the Jack Johnson's song :)

This is something that has been bothering me ever since I didn't bring a book to keep me occupied during the train ride every morning and evening. You can't say that I'm easily bothered by what is going on around me because... these things really worrying!

This is a reminder first, for myself... then, for the others...

My solution for this dilemma, after I have been reminded by me... is to bring a book to read so that my eyes will not be wandering around.

My dilemma of the day, as the title says is ... Where all the decencies go?

Goodness. It will be difficult to elaborate my dilemma. So, I'll just write the top 3 in point form and the top winner. For elaboration, please use your imagination :P

Ok, here goes:
1. A lot of ladies do not try keep their legs together when they sit.
2. BO... Suffocating. I can forgive if it's in the evening after work. But if in the morning??? Come on!
3. People talk so loudly in the train. Some were talking on the phone. Some were talking among themselves and keep on saying 'This thing, you don't tell other people ok'. What theeeee??? You just told us your secrets!

The grand winner.:
I just encountered this yesterday. A lady, wearing sleeveless t-shirt, holding on to the overhead railing... with an unshaved a****ts. Are you out of your mind? Yucks! Yucks! Yucks!

So tell me... should I not be bothered?

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