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Friday, April 03, 2009

The 6th... the better?

Writing this entry feels like a deja vu. It has been only 2+ years since I wrote about 'Pak Lah', Malaysia's 5th Prime Minister. Today, he has tendered his resignation and Malaysia will start to be under the a new leader.

Do I have any comment on the 5th leadership?
*Sigh* I'd rather not.

As usual, I prefer to stay under my 'tempurung' when it comes to politics. It's really heartbreaking to see how our leaders act like a senseless person. It's more heartbreaking to know that money politics, bribery and bad-talking being practised by our so-called leaders. To ignore all this is much more easier than paying attention to it and I won't be having heavy hearts. But, to ignore all this also means to ignore our country, our future... my future.

Macam pepatah melayu... ditelan mati emak, diluah mati bapak... gituuuu...

I don't know how I feel with regards to this new leadership. Easy question, do I have confidence? On the development, technology, economics, education... I think, yes. On religion and morale ... shaky. When I compare like this, looks like Malaysia is going to be fine, if not victorious. It's 50-50 right? Except that, for me, religion and morale have greater weightage. So in this case, I kind of see dark spots.

We all know what kind of leaders Malaysia really needs, what kind of leaders our world needs. We need a leader like Prophet Muhammad pbuh, an Al-Amin, a braveheart... Someone who is not afraid to do what's right and stop what's wrong. Someone that we will have no doubt to give our respect and loyalty to. Someone who will lead us all to victory, in this world and the life after.

But, to be a leader like Muhammad Rasullullah, we have first to be like Muhammad Rasullullah.

I don't want to comment too much on politics and leadership. Can my opinion mean anything to our leaders? They don't even read this blog :) But, I will keep on praying that our leaders will eventually realize what is more important. I hope 'eventually' won't be too late.

For all of us, who's hoping for a high morale, intelligent and caring leaders and government, just stay optimist. I'd like to believe, we can all help to make things better. It can all start with us, because... 'I am just one person and I can make a difference'. You know... just like the 'Earth Hour' message :)

To our leaders, muslim or not... I really hope you'll take Prophet Muhammad as your role model.

Hoping for a true leadership...


ceteris paribus said...

true leadership nowadays are a rare commodities. The most important concept for me is IKHLAS ie never expect something in return , then the person can focus on its duty which is to serve the people....

CheeJa@Nizah said...

emmmmm i'm still skeptical in such ols the ways..if that leader is from that party..their morale is ZERO or NONE or NEVER EXISTED!!. huhuhuhu