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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Teka- teki

Closing entry for January-2008. Everybody's busy with month-end closing today. I don't want to miss the 'fun'... heheh...

A close friend of mine forward a list of 'teka- teki' today. It's in malay. I do apologize, but there will be no more fun if I translated them into English. By the way, 'teka- teki' means 'puzzle'.

Teka-teki: Hitam dan berpeluh..Ha. . Apa2??
Jawapan : Semut hitam tengah berjogging..huhuhu

Teka-teki : Apa benda bila masuk segitiga bila kuar bergulung-gulung?
Jawapan : Seluar dalam ler..haha

Teka-teki : Antara kapal terbang dengan kuih lepat liat, mana satu yang paling tinggi?
Jawapan : Kuih lepat liat la...sebab kapal terbang sampai langit je, tp kuih lepat sampai lelangit.

Teka-teki : Banyak2 kotak, kotak apa yang tak boleh angkat?
Jawapan : Kotak penaltilah.. ... wawawa!

Teka-teki : Kenapa Penggali Kubur Gali Kubur Tak Pakai Selipar ??? Teka..teka.. kalo terer!
Jawapan : Selipar maner boley buat gali tanah,gune cangkol lar....huehue. .hue!!

Teka-teki : 3 kepala, 6 mata, 8 kaki. Apakah bendanya tu?
Jawapan : Koboi naik kuda bawak sekor ayam.

Teka-teki : Masa dia hidup kite menyanyi, masa dia mati kite tepuk tangan pulak...
Jawapan : Lilin masa sambut 'EPI BESDAY'

Teka-teki : Scorpion kaler apa?
Jawapan : Kala jengking lah... senang pun takleh nak jawab!

Teka-teki : Dlm banyak2 kera, kera ape yg pandai menaip???
Jawapan : Kerani

Teka-teki : Ada sorang imam, tengah semahyang pastu ada sekor anjing lalu kat depan dia. Pastu dia jilat kaki dia, BATAL TAK AIR SEMAYANG IMAM TU???
Jawapan : Mana batal sebab anjing tu jilat kaki dia sendiri!

Teka-teki : 4 org awek cun berpayung dgn satu payung tp nape tak basah langsung??
Jawapan : Sebab tak hujan...aduhai!

Dahlah malaslah nak tanya lagi...soalan bebudak pun takleh nak jawab!! Hampeh..

When I read the first puzzle, I was like 'hampeh, mengong betul la diaorang ni. takde keje agaknya'. But, as I was finishing reading all the puzzles, I was surprised at myself because I managed to answer a few. So, a question popped into my mind...

'Am I as 'mengong' as the person who came up with the puzzle?'

Goodness me.

But, please try to read the puzzle. You'll be amaze to realize that you kind of need a different perspective to be able to answer the questions instead of the, well at least in my case the usual 'straight forward' way of thinking. In my opinion, we need this kind of crazy brain exercise every now and then to practise thinking outside of the box. It's fun and useful, as long it is not irrating.

Happy month- end closing everyone :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

AJL 22 rocked!

Before I continue, let me clarify one thing... I never intended for this blog of mine to be about entertainment. If you find that I'm inclined to write about the E! business, do let me know. Sometimes, sub-conciously the 'entertainer' part of me revealed itself uncontrollably. So much for having multiple personalities :)

Anyway, 'Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-22' just ended last night and I need to tell you that I think this year's AJL was so good! I'm so satisfied with the results. Of course in the beginning I was really hoping for Faizal Tahir to conquer the night and I still think that he would have if he's not under disciplinary action. But now, after I watched all the other singers and bands performed, I'm so psyched. I barely realize Faizal Tahir was not there :) I hoped that Mawi will win the best show category and Estranged will win the 'Pop Rock' category and they both did! What a great night!

I'm never a fan of Mawi, but his show last night was really entertaining. I had fun watching it. As for Estranged, you guys really brought the energy to the song last night.

So, congratulations to all the winners (singers, writers and composers) of this year's AJL. You guys rocked!

Best Vocal Category: Jaclyn Victor & Lah Ahmad (Song: Ceritera Cinta)
Best Show Category: Mawi (Song: Angan & Sedar)
Best Ethnic Creative Category: Nora (Song: Samudera )
Best Pop Rock Category: Enstranged (Song: Itu Kamu)
Best Ballad Category: Sahri (Song: Izinku Pergi)
The Champion of 'Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-22' --> Estranged (Song: Itu Kamu) yeah yeahhhhh...

To the rest, thank you for your great performances. 'The Lima' especially gave a new perspective and energy to Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's song. I love what you guys did with the song!

To TV3, are you going to come out with 'AJL 22' album? Please do :)

To Ally Iskandar... do you have a thing for Cheryl Samad? I'm kind of getting that vibe... heheheeee... I only 'serkap jarang'. Please don't sue or 'terjah' me :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Help us find Sharlinie

Dear readers, Malaysian or not...

Please help us to find this little girl. I don't want what happened to Nurin to happen again.

This is the photo fit of Sharlinie and Nurin's kidnapper.

For those who's unaware of what happened to Nurin, Nurin was an 8 year old girl who was kidnapped for almost a month, and then found dead. Her body was stuffed in a sports bag. Forensic investigation showed that she was abused and sexually assaulted before brutally murdered. This happened just a few months back.

So, please help in any way and please, please do not provide false information as this will only trouble the police and also you will face a legal action if you did so.

Faizal & 8TV

Goodness... where do I start?

I start with Faizal lah... adoiiii... my heart sunked when I read in newspaper what Faizal Tahir did during 8TV birthday bash concert. I didn't watch the concert on TV. I'm so glad :)

The main reason why I'm so frustrated is because I'm hoping that he would win at AJL 22 this 27th January. I really love his performance during the qualifying round. What he did with his song 'Mahakarya Cinta' (even though I seriously don't understand the meaning of 'mahakarya') was really excellent. I know he can be the champion at AJL this year. But now, hmmmm...

Faizal, Faizal... what message are you trying to convey to us? The act was definitely unsuitable for us Malaysians & easteners. Apart from that, you're a married man with kids! What were you thinking? Isn't this the first time an entertainer did this kind of stunt on our country national tv?

Anyway, he's now under disciplinary action. He's banned for 3 months. Does this mean that he won't be competing in AJL? I'm so bumped. I hope Faizal will learn his lesson. Whatever it is that he needs to flush out of his system, do it all in these 3 months. Then, come out fresh and start over. It's a waste to lose an opportunity to win an award because you acted stupid.

Then, 8TV... I read about this 'hedonism' culture a few months back. On wikipedia it defines 'Hedonism' as a 'philosophy that pleasure is the most important pursuit'. Well, I have a feeling that 8TV is a bit moving on this track. This morning I saw 'Che Nelle' video clip that I found a bit inappropriate. Don't you guys even screen all those videos that you're going to air? We always speak about doing community services, it's not only towards recycling, save the earth, environment thingy you know. We can also do something to improve the social problems that we're facing right now. Showing too much entertainment is definitely not helping.

Well, I think in the case of Faizal Tahir & 8TV, both are responsible for what happened. Apparently I share this opinion with a lot of people. That's why both Faizal & 8TV are on disciplinary action.

Everyone of us has done a few mistakes in our lives. The important thing is to stop doing it and to learn and remember the lesson from it.

Friday, January 04, 2008


Sorry this post is in malay... It's a poll on Utusan Malaysia online. I just have to post it here. I feel that the ONE and MOST important option is missing. All the possible choices are just workaround. NOT solution. Please comment.

Ramai lelaki mungkin terpaksa menjadi suri rumah pada masa depan jika fenomena pelajar perempuan menguasai institusi pengajian tinggi (IPT) dibiarkan berlarutan. Saya berpendapat:
* Lelaki wajar tahu memasak untuk bantu isteri.
* Lebih ramai pembantu rumah akan diperlukan.
* Seimbangkan komposisi lelaki-perempuan di IPT.
* Tidak perlu membuat apa-apa, ini fenomena biasa.
* Ramai wanita berpelajaran mahu jadi suri rumah

--> (my comment: TRUE)
* missing option
--> Pastikan lebih ramai lelaki berkualiti di masa hadapan

Happy 2008 Y'all

Long time since I last posted here. Having a bit of writer's block... eh cewahhhh...

Anyways, wishing all of you a very happy 2008! Have you counted your 2007 blessings?

May all of us get what we wish for this year. Remember, if your wishes don't come true, it's always because there's a blessing in disguise. So, please be patient, pray hard and never lose hope. If you want gold, dig it. Quoting 'Anne of Green Gables'... 'It's not what the world holds for you, but what you bring to it'.

As for myself, I wish that I would just achieve all those resolutions that I brought forward from decades ago to 2008. Wish me luck!

All the best!